Best Toddler Pools in 2022 – Reviewed

Although safety is key, fun comes a closer second when looking for the best toddler pool. There has to be more than vibrant colors and good capacity, these products have come a long way from being a glorified tub of water. When the summer is in full swing, it is important to keep your kids cool and what better way than their own pool.

The problem is, there are so many products available that it can be hard to find the right one. With this in mind, we have created a list of the best toddler pools on the market. Each one has something special about it to help bring out a smile in your toddler for those long summer days.

Quick Summary of Best Toddler Pools

 Editor’s Choice 
Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide  (review)
 Best Mid-Size 
Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center  (review)
 Best For The Family 
Intex 12′ x 30  (review)
 Best Shaded 
H2OGO! Splash-in-Shade Play Pool Orange  (review)
 Best Affordable 
Intex Mushroom baby Pool  (review)
 Best High-End 
Blast Zone Pirate Bay – Inflatable Water Park with Blower  (review)
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Editor’s Choice: Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide

The vibrant colors are just a small part of what makes this exciting product the best toddler pool on our list. If they made this in adult size it would probably be a sell-out as the rock climbing style area adds a challenge before the fun of the curved slide. It has been designed so parents can always see their children and even features a basketball hoop.You can anchor this toddler pool to the ground to keep it in place and a heavy-duty blower keeps it inflated throughout. It is made from puncture-proof material and a waddling area to keep them cool in the sun. Hours of fun are guaranteed when this is up in the garden, the only challenge will be keeping the kids off of it.


  • Includes blower
  • Curved slide and climbing wall
  • Made from puncture-resistant material
  • Parents can always see what is going on
  • Stakes to keep it in place


Best Mid-Size: Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center

Can there be a better way for a toddler to cool off than with their own dinosaur themed toddler pool? Any dino obsessed kid is going to love the sight of this when inflated, it looks like a mini water park for a start. Fine for kids of 2 years and above, it measures 98in X 75in X 43in so there is plenty of splash-ready space. When hooked up, the water flows through the sprayer and a mini waterfall can be adjusted.Any child who uses the miniature slide will fall onto a padded matt to cushion their landing and any small repairs can be fixed with the included repair patch. It has a 57-gallon capacity so you can get a couple of kids on this island-themed toddler pool that is sure to amaze from the moment it is inflated.


  • 57-gallon capcity
  • Includes a slide, waterfall, and sprayer
  • Dinosaur theme
  • Drain plug is convenient

  • Lots of air pockets to fill

Best For The Family: Intex 12′ x 30

Although this might not have the vibrant colors and mini slides that some of the other toddler pools offer, it is a great space for the whole family. To enjoy as your toddler learns to swim. Even if they laze in an inflatable or with their water wings, this has ample room and sturdy sidewalls.It comes with a filter pump to keep things running with clear water and has a circuit interrupter that shuts off the pump should the electrical current come into contact with water. There is an added convenience in the drain plug that makes it easy to both hook it up to a hose or drain the water. With a 1,718 gallon capacity, young ones get to splash around with enough room for the rest of the family to enjoy as well.


  • 1,718 capacity
  • Only takes 30 minutes to fill
  • Includes filter pump
  • Puncture-resistant material

  • Pump is not the strongest

Best Shaded: H2OGO! Splash-in-Shade Play Pool Orange

With a UV resistant shade, this toddler pool has safety in mind and offers a good amount of room for a young one to splash in cool water. When connected to a hose, you can activate the water sprayer on top that helps to give a cool spritz to anyone in the pool. Even on windy days, this is sturdy enough to stay out thanks to the galvanized metal frames that are rust-resistant.The sideways are made from 3 different materials to ensure it is strong and there are no tools required to assemble it. This shaded toddler pool offers you another way of keeping your child protected and will last into many summers.


  • UV resistant shade
  • Sutrdy, metal galvanized poles
  • Water sprayer in the shade
  • No tools required to assemble

  • Not as easy to drain

Best Affordable: Intex Mushroom baby Pool

If your little one likes to splash on their own then this is a great toddler pool and available for a reasonable price. The mushroom style design is pleasant and there is enough room for a kid to sit and get a nice cool down under the built-in sunshade. It comes with a repair patch and because it isn’t the largest, it doesn’t take long to inflate.The 12-gallon capacity gives them enough to splash in and because it has a soft floor, it is one of the more comfortable toddler pools. Its strength is that it is compact as not everyone has room for some of the larger products and it is easy to tip the water out and fill it afresh the next time.


  • Good value
  • Comfortable padded floor
  • Easy to inflate
  • Includes repair patch

  • Not as much fun as some of the other options

Best High-End: Blast Zone Pirate Bay – Inflatable Water Park with Blower

As you might expect from the huge capacity of this exciting toddler pool, this is one of the pricier options but when you see the fun that can be had, it might not matter so much. There is fun for a bunch of kids to climb, slide, splash, and more in this pirate-themed pool.It comes complete with a blower which also makes for a soft area that is comfortable for the young ones and takes less than 2 minutes to inflate. When deflated it rolls up to the size of a sleeping bag so when the summer is over, it is easy to store. There is a sprayer on the top of the slide, water cannons for spritzing friends, and a bouncy area to burn some energy off.


  • Lots of fun areas including slide, water canons, and bouncy area
  • Includes blower
  • Folds down to a convenient size
  • Only takes two minutes to inflate

  • Might be a bit pricey for some

Toddler Pool Guide

When things start to get warm, those long days in your garden are some of the best of your life when sharing with your kids. Still, if you want to enjoy the sun, you need to keep young ones cool. A toddler pool is a great way of making memories and keeping your toddler safe but only when you buy a product they enjoy.

The truth is, all kids love water, but certain products make staying at home even better than they could imagine. Because of this, we have created the following buyer’s guide, so you know what the best products can offer.

What To Look For In a Toddler Pool


Above all else, safety is the single most important feature of any toddler pool. This should be in the form of a reliable product that doesn’t leak, making it slippery and dangerous, as well as giving your clear visibility.

Obviously, you should never leave any child unattended around water, but the best toddler pools make it easy for you to see them at all angles. With so many designs available, make sure it has the safety features to make it worth considering.


This might not be available with every toddler pool but it can be important if your child is particularly young. A shade can extend the use of the product and is good for kids just old enough to sit and splash.


This is what can make a toddler pool so fun and the more you get, the longer it will last. A small slide might be fun for a year or two but they will reach the stage where they need something a bit bigger. Try and think of the future as well as the now.

Your budget will be a big factor here as not everyone can buy the products that have water canons and trampolines built-in.


Are you buy a toddler pool for your child to sit and splash in shallow water or something the whole family can dip in and out of? Although some pools are great for teaching your child to swim, others are ideal for keeping them cool and creating a bit of fun.

This is where capacity should be considered.

Age Rating

There is a big difference between the start and end of the toddler years so if yours are confident walkers and climbers, you might want to consider something that is more age-appropriate for their needs.

Equally, you should avoid the products with large slides and features designed for older children if your children are too young to enjoy them. Stick to the age rating as a way of keeping your toddler safe.

Easy Storage

This is important because unfortunately, there aren’t enough warm months to justify keeping your toddler pool inflated all year round. As a result, you need to ensure you keep the box it comes in and folds it up before putting it away. Even the largest toddler pools on our list fold up to a convenient size.

With proper care, it will be fine to use all over again next year.

Are Toddler Pools Safe?

Every toddler pool comes with its hazards, especially since of the age of the children and the fact that accidents can happen at any moment.

As long as an adult has eyes on the toddler at all times, toddler pools can be perfectly safe. Any pool that comes with a blower needs to be constantly inflated, and remember to keep the pool water clean if it is not the sort to be used with a filter.

Are Chlorine Pools Safe For Toddlers?

Although the right amount of use can be fine for a toddler, they are still treated with chemicals to kill bacteria which can be harmful to young skin.

Their skin, eyes, and breathing passages are not as developed as adults and because of this, they are more vulnerable. It is best to buy a pool that requires constant water flow to operate to one with a smaller capacity that can be refilled to keep it fresh.

How Much Does A Toddler Pool Cost?

A basic toddler pool can cost as little as $10 but don’t expect a lot more than a circular pool to splash in. This is fine for a lot of people, and many kids will find it exciting to have a place to splash around.

However, if you are looking for something special that can keep the toddlers in your family entertained for longer, then you might consider something a bit bigger, and with more features.

For a toddler pool with a slide, a mist sprayer, and any number of extras you can start by looking around the $50 mark. Remember that anything with a larger capacity requires a larger garden area but you can find high-end toddler pools for around $800.

How Long Can A Toddler Be In A Pool?

Stay close to your toddler at all times when using a pool, no matter how big or small, a child can drown in a tiny amount of water, let along something as big as a splash pool.

It is always a good idea to take your child to swimming lessons as soon as they are old enough but in terms of being in a pool, a lot depends on the environment as when it is blazing hot, it is best to stay out of the sun.

10-minute sessions are a good amount of time, to begin with, and build this up gradually. If your child starts to shiver, get them out immediately and wrap them in a towel. Remember that young ones do not hold onto their heat as well as adults so keep an eye on them for this.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to remain present when your child is in their pool.

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