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Best Pool Floats For Adults in 2022 – Reviewed

It’s our firm belief that children shouldn’t be the only ones who have some sweet summer fun with some cool inflatable pool floats. We feel that adults should also have a good chance of having a bit of fun in the pool. Unfortunately, far too many of the pool floats out there are unsuitable for adult-use—either because they have a childish design to them or they simply won’t hold the weight of a full-size adult swimmer.

We felt that the adults were being left out of all of the fun, so we’ve decided to find some of the best pool floats for adults. Models that would hold an adult’s weight and had more of a mature design to them. Now anyone looking for some great pool fun can go ahead and grab themselves one of these floats and enjoy their pool in style.

Quick Summary of Best Pool Floats For Adults

 Editor’s Choice 
Obuby Inflatable Avocado Pool Float with Ball  (review)
 Also Recommended 
Llama Pool Float Ride For Adults/Kids  (review)
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Poolmaster Water Hammock Float Lounge  (review)
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Editor’s Choice: Obuby Inflatable Avocado Pool Float with Ball

What’s better than an adult pool float? How about a pool float that’s made for adults and comes with its ball? That’s exactly what this avocado shaped float provides for the consumer. This model looks like a giant slice of avocado with the avocado pit in the center of it. That pit isn’t just a stylish choice that makes this float look more like an avocado, however. It’s also a ball that can be taken out and played within the pool. That makes this product a fun addition to any swimming pool and one that should provide the consumer with hours of fun as well as hours of pool lounging.Another thing that we liked about this float was that it was made out of durable and environmentally-friendly PVC. This material is non-toxic, has a high-density, and is long-lasting. That allows this float to be puncture-resistant and to hold up to 220-pounds of weight. This float is approximately 64.96-inches by 51.18-inches when it’s fully inflated, and its center balls are approximately 17.71-inches wide. And because this product is designed to be specifically used in a swimming pool, it’s resistant to fading that’s caused by the sun.

The last thing that we would like to discuss concerning this product is how easy it is to inflate and deflate. Many people believe all pool floats are hard to inflate and deflate because, quite frankly, most of them are. Fortunately, this one is a little different. This product is designed to be quickly inflated using a toy air pump and features a fast inflation valve. This valve also allows the float to be quickly deflated so it can be folded up and taken on trips. This adult pool float is capable of inflating and deflating up to 5-times faster than other types of floats. That alone makes it one worth checking out.


  • It’s a cool pool float design.
  • It inflates and deflates rapidly.
  • It holds up to 220-pounds of weight.


Also Recommended: Llama Pool Float Ride For Adults/Kids

This Llama pool float for adults is another one that caught our fancy. Not only because it had a whimsical design, and not even because it was a model that could easily be ridden around the pool. No, what caught our attention is its durability. This made is made out of thick and durable PVC, so it’s capable of holding up to 400-pounds of weight. That means just about everyone can use ride this pool float and have some good old fashioned summer fun in their pool. Let’s take a few moments to talk about some of the other features found on this model.This float is approximately 41-inches by 37-inches and can easily be inflated using either a compressor or a toy air pump. It has a donut-shaped eat to it that has a hole that’s approximately 15.35-inches in diameter. From the bottom of this donut to the top of the llama’s ears is approximately 37-inches, with its ears being approximately 5.9-inches tall. This product can be ridden like a person would ride a mechanical bull, or if they’re thin enough, they can pass their legs through the donut and wear this float around their waist in the pool.

If there was one thing that we didn’t like about this product, it was that it had a funny chemical (or maybe plastic) smell to it. That means that it had to be aired out for a few days before it could be used. It’s not a big deal because after airing it out the smell did dissipate. That’s just something that people should keep in mind if they’re trying to quickly pick up a pool float for an upcoming pool party or other events. If you have the time to air it out, it shouldn’t be a concern, but if you don’t, then you might want to go with another type of float.


  • This product can hold up to 400-pounds of weight.
  • It has a colorful and whimsical design.

  • This product had to be aired out for a few days.

Also Consider: Poolmaster Water Hammock Float Lounge

The last pool float we’d like to review is the Poolmaster Water Hammock. As its name implies, this float is like having a hammock, except this one isn’t strung between two trees and it’s used in the pool. This product allows the consumer to lounge all day in their pool, all while they’re semi-submerged. It’s a float that’s made with 12-gauge vinyl inserts that help to support the swimmer’s head and legs, and this product is approximately 54-inches by 32-inches in size. This is a product that makes lounging in the pool even easier than it had been before.Even though this product doesn’t look like it would support much weight, it will support up to 350-pounds of weight. That allows it to be used by most everyone. And because this float is easy to roll-up and takes under your arm, it can be carried just about anywhere. If there was one complaint that we had about this product, it would have to be its cost. Although it’s not prohibitively expensive, it is more expensive than many of the other floats that we’ve seen. However, we still think that this is a great product and we have no problem recommending it.


  • This product is capable of holding up to 350-pounds.

  • It costs more than other adult pool floats.

Pool Floats For Adults

Fun in the sun isn’t just for kids. This is why the best pool floats for adults are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you want something more of a novelty or a practical pool float to sit and drink a beer in, the best product is durable and of course, fun. This is only when you buy from a reputable brand or know why better products are so good.

To help make this purchase easier, we have compiled the following buyer’s guide. This way you can float in the pool as the sun works its magic overhead.

What To Look For In A Pool Float For Adults


Above all else, the pool float for adults that you have your eye on must have a reputation for safety. This can come in the form of multiple air pockets so if one gets a puncture, you aren’t at risk if you are in the deep end or out in the open water.

They make take a bit longer to inflate because of this, but it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Cup Holder

Let’s face it, a pool float for adults would not be the same without somewhere to put a refreshing drink. Whether your tipple is a fizzing beer, a soft drink, or something else, as long as you have a place to put it, floating in the sun is made even better.

Easy Inflation

The bigger the pool float you buy, the longer it is going to taker to inflate. Some are so big that when it comes to blowing it up yourself, it can be a laborious task. this is why it is always handy to purchase a pump separately. Even if it is a foot pump, it is a lot easier to stamp on a pump than blow up a massive inflatable flamingo!


This is down to personal taste. Are you looking for something fun so you are the life of the party or a float that is more practical so you can laze in comfort?  There is pretty much every design you can imagine so the sky is the limit.


A pool float is fun to use at home, but when you are planning a trip to the beach, it is always good to be able to take it with you. No matter what the design, most pool floats are easily portable as they pack down small when deflated.

The only downside is having to blow it up again when you get there.


Because most pool floats are designed for kids, you might not think there is an upper size limit for adult pool floats, but there is. The size and weight capacity of the float need to fit your requirements so if it is the type that you lie down straight and enjoy, make sure it is suitable for your height.


This will influence the sturdiness in some way and although there aren’t lots of options, the ones you do have tend to hold up well. Most tend to be made form a high-quality vinyl whilst another popular material is PVC.

As soon as they start to get leaks and tears you know you’re in trouble. Although some brands include a repair patch, there are only so many times you can fix a puncture so make sure the product you buy is made from quality materials.


We’ve already mentioned a cup holder (it is so important it deserved its own mention) but you might want to consider a pool float that has other features. Most notable options are a headrest to make it comfortable or paddles so you can move around faster.

Some products have quick-release valves to make them easier to deflate but there are other options if you don’t want something too basic.


Depending on the size of your pool or intended use, the capacity can be as big as you like. There are huge pool floats for adults that can comfortably accommodate up to 4 or even 6 people.

Make sure you understand the weight capacity before you all climb on so you can enjoy the fun safely.

How to Clean A Pool Float?

Although they are designed to be used in water, an adult pool float can pick up all sorts of debris and dust which will result in the need to clean it.

Sanitizing your pool floats properly is a sensible idea, especially when children are around but it is best done when the float is fully inflated.

A soapy formula is a good idea as long as you rinse it properly before returning it to the pool.

How Much Does An Adult Pool Float Cost?

Because they have become so popular there is a huge range of adult pool floats available.

Still, there are plenty of decent options that cost less than $10 although they might not be as durable or as big as you might like. For the novelty options that can accommodate more than one person, you can end up spending over $200 easily.

However, a good place to start for a single person adult pool float with a durable feel, and some fun features are around $30 and above.

Where Should I Store My Pool Float?

At the end of the warm season, it is best to deflate your pool float and return it to the box you bought it before storing it indoors until the warm weather returns.

Make sure it is dry before you put it into storage or you will open the box to a moldy float. Try not to place it under anything else and of course, keep it well clear of sharp objects.

Is It Ok To Leave A Pool Float In The Water?

This is not a good idea as not only can long exposure to water compromise the quality of the product, but the sunlight can cause it to fade.

Also, any pool toy or float left in the pool can be enticing to young children and you should always keep it clear.

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