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10 Best Cheap Pool Designs For All Budgets

Setting up a new pool and its area can be an expensive prospect. After the cost of the pool, the installation, and the chemicals needed to run the pool, most people don’t have a lot of money left over. This is when they need to get creative and find some cheap pool design ideas that they can easily fit into their budgets. We decided to do a little bit of research and see if we could find that the average person can have the maximum amount of pool design for their bucks. The following points are what we discovered and would like to now pass on to everyone who’s looking to raise the profile of their pool area.

1. Painting The Pool Black For A Modern Look

We think that most people are familiar with using pool paint to raise the aesthetic of their pools, but we don’t think too many people consider painting the pool black. This is something that can give the pool a dramatic look, especially if the area around it is done in a lighter color such as gray. Black is the latest color choice for most people, but there are other options as well that a person might want to check into them if they’re looking for something else.

2. Pool Lights Add A Dramatic Effect

Another thing that a person can do to add a little bit of flair to their pool is to use pool lighting. When it comes to pool lighting, people have a variety of options available to them. They can use incandescent, halogen, or LED lights. These can be lights that float, and lights that can be set up next to the pool. Although some of these lights can be expensive, there are plenty of inexpensive lighting options that can be considered.

3. Adding A Pool Mosaic Mat For Some High-Class Style

Many people like to jazz up their pool by having a tile mosaic added to the bottom of their inground pool. These mosaics often are depictions of dolphins, mermaids, or other designs and really add a level of class to the pool. Unfortunately, pool mosaics can be expensive to install. But there is an inexpensive way to add the same look without having to spend a fortune. You can add a mosaic mat. These mats are only a few hundred dollars and give the same look as mosaic tile without the added cost or construction.

4. Adding Water Line Tile To Appeal To The Eye Line

The color and design of the water line tile can really enhance a pool’s aesthetic. A well-done waterline area can attract a person’s line of sight and make the whole pool look better. What makes this an easy solution is that water line tile can be purchased in a variety of different sizes including 1×1 inch, 2×2 inch, and 3×3 inch. This allows the pool owner to mix different colors and sizes to create a water line that truly stands out from the crowd. Going from a white water line tile to a colored one can make a real difference and have a great effect on the overall appearance of the pool.

5. Adding A Poolside Fire Pit To Set The Mood

Something else that can really a bit of appeal to a pool area is to add a fire pit to the side of it. A fire pit not only adds a bit of flair and style to the pool but also extends the night appeal of the pool area as well. And the best part is that these fire pits are available for a variety of different budgets. All the way from $100 on up. Adding one or more of them really can really give the pool area a unique look.

6. Pool Bubblers Can Add Interest

Something that can add interest to a pool is a bubbler. These devices are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of different styles. Some of them even come equipped with LED lights, so they can add two points of interest to the pool. Adding one or more of them to a pool setup can really enhance the pool’s aesthetic and make it seem more luxurious than it would ordinarily be and it can all be done for just a few hundred dollars at most.

7. Seating Can Really Elevate The Scene

Just about everyone realizes that they need to add seating to their pool area. After all, everyone needs a place to sit while they tan or sip on Pina Coladas. However, what some people don’t realize is that seating is not only functional but can be an inexpensive way to change the entire look of the pool area. This can be done simply by switching out the chairs, or if that’s too expensive of an option, by adding chair covers to them. This option allows a person to change up the look of their pool area as they see fit.

8. Flowers & Plants Add An Inexpensive Ambiance

We’re all for adding a modern look to the pool area but sometimes what this area really needs is a bit of nature. Plants and flowers can not only add a splash of color, but they can give the pool area a peaceful ambiance. As an added bonus, plants and flowers can also absorb the surrounding noise pollution. This can not only make the area seem more peaceful but can actually make it more peaceful.

9. Adding Notes Of Color Through Umbrellas

Pool umbrellas are perfect for keeping the sun off of a particular area, a particular person, or a group of people, but what many people don’t realize is that they can also add a much-needed pop of color to the pool area. The result is that not only is the pool area cooled down by several degrees thanks to the shade provided by the umbrellas, but there’s also an added sense of style. And the best part: pool umbrellas aren’t expensive at all.

10. When It Doubt, Deck It Out

The last thing we’d like to discuss is adding a deck to above ground pool. Even the most inexpensive-looking pool can get a real boost by having a deck added to it. And this deck doesn’t have to be fancy either. Just having a basic deck can really improve a pool’s appearance and make it look like a million bucks. So when it doubt, feel free to deck it out. It will make the area look nicer and will give everyone some additional space to congregate as well.

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