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Best Pool Salts in 2022 – Reviewed

If you own a saltwater pool, then there are several chores you have to keep up on, but none of them are as important as maintaining the proper salt levels in the pool. And for that job, you’ll have to buy the best pool salt available. A salt that’s very much like common household salt that you sprinkle on your baked potato but has been specially treated for use in pools.

Once you have the proper type of salt for your pool, the next step is to maintain the pool. You are going to have to find one in the proper container, one that’s easy to pour and one that provides stability and value for the money. To help with all of those points, we not only reviewed some great pool salts, but we also wrote a handy guide on the subject. We hope everyone finds it useful.

Quick Summary of Best Pool Salts

 Best Overall 
Morton Salt 3460 Pool Salt, 40 lb  (review)
 Best Salt For Spas 
Aquasalt-40 Swimming Pool and Spa Chlorine Generator  (review)
 Best Professional Pool Salt 
Morton Salt Professional’s Choice Pool Salt  (review)
 Best Value 
Clorox Pool & Spa High Purity Salt  (review)
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Best Overall: Morton Salt 3460 Pool Salt, 40 lb

Morton is probably one of the most recognizable names in salt, and there’s a good reason why that’s true. It’s because they’re known for providing their customers with a wide variety of different types of salts including table salt, rock salt, and now pool salt. And anyone who knows anything about this company knows that they only provide the highest-grade salt available and that salt is free of the debris or microorganisms that might be found in “cheap” pool salts. It’s also ground in a way that allows it to work better in generators than other brands.Another thing that we like about this product is that it dissolves quickly and is contained in an easy-to-pour bag for convenience. And although it isn’t the cheapest salt around, it isn’t as expensive as some other salt types that we’ve looked over while we were reviewing products. All of these reasons are why we’ve decided to crown this salt one of the best pool salts for consumer use available.

This is a quality product that no pool owner we’ve known has ever had any problems using. And unlike some of the products manufactured by fly-by-night companies, the consumer can rest assured that Morton is going to stand behind their product. In our opinion, this is one of the best salts for people with chlorine generators and worth checking out.


  • This salt is perfectly ground and perfect for chlorine generators.
  • This is a high-quality debris-free salt.

  • This salt costs a little more than some other lesser quality salt products.

Best Salt For Spas: Aquasalt-40 Swimming Pool and Spa Chlorine Generator

Aqua Salt is another company that’s been producing grade-A salt for quite some time, except they’ve have been concentrating on nothing but swimming pool and spa salts. This product is a finely ground USP-certified salt that’s as white as the driven snow and is manufactured in much of the same way as table salt is manufactured. Except this salt is not suitable for human consumption and is designed to only be used in chlorine generators and spas. And speaking of spas, we believe that this product is one of the best spa salts available, and has the perfect consistency to get the job done.This product also has a fast dissolve rate when it’s applied according to manufacturer’s directions, so chlorine generators can begin using it immediately,. And since this product comes in a 40-pound bag, it’s easy for most consumers to use. This is especially true since it has a special handle built right into the bag. It’s no wonder that Aqua Salt is one of the best selling salt products in the United States. For best results, the consumer should use this product according to the directions provided in their spa’s or chlorine generator’s instruction manual. That will ensure that the consumer gets the best results from this product.


  • It’s the perfect grind of salt for spas.
  • It can be used in chlorine generators as well.

  • It costs a little more than other types of salt products.

Best Professional Pool Salt: Morton Salt Professional’s Choice Pool Salt

Although this pool salt isn’t designed for consumer use because it’s a professional-grade salt, we thought that it did deserve a place on our list. This product is a quick-dissolve product that instantly goes to work once it’s placed into the pool. It’s a great salt for spas and chlorine generators and is made from some of the highest quality salt available. It’s finer than most other types of consumer-grade pool salts, which is why it dissolves almost instantly once it touches the water. This is always a plus, at least in our opinion. After all, the faster the salt can dissolve, the faster it can be converted into chlorine for proper pool sanitation.Thanks to this product, no one has to store hazardous quantities of chlorine to keep their pool in pristine condition. As with similar pool salt products, this one comes in a 40-pound bag that’s easy for the average person to use. If there was one problem that we might have with this salt, it’s the fact that it’s one of the more expensive products available. That is primarily what has kept this product out of our number one and number two spots. If it had been more reasonably priced, we would’ve placed it higher because this is one of the best working pool salts available.


  • This is a fast-dissolving pool salt.

  • This product is expensive.

Best Value: Clorox Pool & Spa High Purity Salt

One of the main reasons that this salt has made it on our list is because it’s one of the more inexpensive pool salts available, which makes it a good value for most consumers. This is a product that’s made by Clorox, a company that is usually known for making bleach for laundry and household cleaning products, but in this instance, they’re making salt. Although we do think that this is a fine grade of salt that should work well enough for most people, our major complaint was that it didn’t dissolve as quickly as some other brands. We’re not sure if we’re spoiled from using some of the commercial-grade products, so it’s up to every one of our readers to decide whether this budget pool salt is right for their needs.

  • This is a good value pool salt.

  • It doesn’t dissolve as quickly as we would’ve liked.

Pool Salt Guide

Different types of pools require a different approach to keep the water hygienic. However, even if you have a saltwater pool, you still need to find the best products to keep the water safe and free from bacteria. This why you need to make sure you have the best pool salt for your needs. Not all products out there are made equal which makes it difficult to get this purchase right.

This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide. By the end of it, you’ll be able to keep your water clean and clear for everyone to enjoy.

What To Look For In Pool Salt

Reliable Container

Although these are known for being less harsh than the chemicals used in regular pools, you still want to keep small hands of children away from your pool salt. This can also protect your pets from harming themselves so the quality of the container or a resealable bag is important.


With different types of pool salt available, you need to find the right one for your pool. For many people, mined salt is a premium option as it is. purer than others, consult our section on the options you have below.


The larger packs do tend to give you more value in the long run and mean you don’t have to think about repurchasing so soon. This does make it more important to go for a quality product so you don’t end up with a product you don’t like.

Easy Pour

A bag of pool salt is not as convenient for many reasons, most notably in how it pours. The better products will come in a container with a handle so you can always control how much you are pouring.

These are also good as they are reusable so you can buy refill bags and pour them in.


One of the benefits of using stable pool salt is that it does not evaporate as quickly and keeps your pool water more hygienic for longer. The UV. rays tend to be a nuisance in this way but certain products last longer meaning you don’t have to treat the water so frequently.

Different Types of Pool Salt

Although it might seem like a basic product, there are a variety of options here. Each has unique benefits to offer your pool water.


As the name suggests, this is salt from rock salt mines. Because it is one of the purest types of salt available, it is well suited to be used in a pool, particularly for those who are more conscious about what they use.

A lot of the time, it is 99% sodium chloride so you should find it to be among the highest quality.


This type of pool salt uses the sun as it is derived from seawater and left in an area where the water evaporates, leaving you with salt, hence the name.

Without the use of any machinery, it is another natural way to obtain salt for a pool. Because there are also impurities left behind, not to mention tiny fragments of brine shrimp, you need to make sure your pool filter is up to the task of removing them.

Because it puts added strain on other parts. of the pool, solar pool salt is not always a preferred option.

Mechanically Evaporated

Working similarly to solar, it uses nonsolar powered heat to evaporate seawater and kills bacteria and brine shrimp faster. The downside is that although those impurities are less of an issue, this source of pool salt contains other impurities. These include the likes of magnesium and calcium which can impact the hardness of the calcium levels.

This makes the maintenance that little trickier as you have to stay on top of the chemical levels of the water.

Is Pool Salt The Same As Table Salt?

Some people might think this is a silly question but the. truth is, they aren’t too dissimilar. The main difference is in the coarseness. Pool salt has been produced so it is coarser so it is better suited to the pool water.

Another difference is in the quantities they are sold. Because you can purchase table salt in larger bags and containers, it is easier to pour the right amount into your pool.

Is It Easy To Maintain A Saltwater Pool?

Most people believe it is the easiest option in terms of maintenance. Because you only have to add salt to the salt chlorinator, you don’t have to worry about mixing chlorine, the device does it for you.

This does make it more important to buy a quality salt chlorinator but because they do not need so many chemicals, the water is often less harsh on the skin and just as clean and clear.

How Long After Adding Salt Can You Swim?

After adding anything into your pool it is always best to wait 20 minutes before getting into the water. This gives the chemicals or salt a chance to mix into the water and make it hygienic. It also means you are less likely to swim among concentrated chemicals before they have had the chance to disperse.

Can You Add Too Much Salt To A Pool?

If you go a little over the top then you won’t be faced with a huge issue beyond the taste of the water (not that you should be consuming it anyway!). However, when things get overly salty it can impact the metal parts of your pool and cause corrosion.

What Are The Benefits Of a Saltwater Pool?

There are many reasons why a saltwater pool is a preferable option, and one of the most prominent is that it is kinder on skin and eyes.

Beyond that, they are good for anyone who wants less maintenance on their hands and when you are in the water, it tends to feel softer than a chlorinated pool. There is no chemical mixing involved when you buy a saltwater pool, not to mention no chemical smell.

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