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Best Pool Paints in 2022 – Reviewed

Although you know the end result is going to look great, the prospect of painting a pool can be a little intimidating. Because there is a certain amount of graft involved, and it has to be done at the right time, it is not a job you want to get wrong. To make it easier, it is always a good idea to start with quality materials. When you. know what type of pool paint you wish to use, the whole task is made that bit easier.

We have created a list of the best pool paints available. Each one comes with a well-deserved reputation and there are different types included suiting different preferences. Before you start thinking about how long it’s going to take, start with one of the following.

Quick Summary of Best Pool Paints

 Editor’s Choice 
INSL-X WR101909A-01 Waterborne, Semi-Gloss Pool Paint, 1 Gallon, Aquamarine  (review)
 Best Gray 
Pond Armor SKU-GRAY-QT-R Non-Toxic Pond Shield Epoxy Paint, 1.5-Quart, Gray  (review)
 Best Sealant  
Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant – Indoor & Outdoor Coating  (review)
 Best Epoxy 
Kelley Technical Coating 395-GL Olympic Zeron One Coat Epoxy Gallon  (review)
 Best For Exterior Stone 
StoneTech Salt Water Resistant Sealer for Natural Stone & Masonry, 1-Gallon (3.785L)  (review)
 Best For Repairs 
Pool Patch White Pool Plaster Repair Kit, 25-Pound, White  (review)
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Editor’s Choice: INSL-X WR101909A-01 Waterborne, Semi-Gloss Pool Paint, 1 Gallon, Aquamarine

Among the most popular pool paints available, this product sits top of our tree for a reason. Not only is there good value in the 1-gallon you get here, but it can be used in either a freshwater or saltwater pool. One thing you do want from any pool paint is a quick-drying product, which is what we have here, and because it is available in a variety of colors, it can match many tastes.You get a color that doesn’t fade and provides plenty of protection and it can be painted over most pre-existing paints without any issue. Any bare concrete, masonry, gunite, or marcite walls can be painted with this product. Lave about 4 -6 hours before repainting if necessary and enjoy the fresh paint job that you don’t have to go over. again for some time.


  • Can go over pretty much any surface
  • Quick-drying
  • Good value
  • Available in different colors


Best Gray: Pond Armor SKU-GRAY-QT-R Non-Toxic Pond Shield Epoxy Paint, 1.5-Quart, Gray

Although it is marketed as a pond shield, this epoxy paint is also excellent for painting a pool. In fact, it can go on a multitude of surfaces including wood, stone, plastic, metal, and others. It is non-toxic which is always good and designed for underwater use. Because it is self-priming, it adheres to the surface it is painted onto making it super easy to apply and maintain.It doesn’t take as long as some of the other products on our list although it might still be the case of waiting 24 hours before the water can be refilled. The epoxy helps to minimize cracks and is a low maintenance pool paint and can be used on any type of water features from a pool, pond, slide, to an aquarium.


  • Can go on a variety of surfaces
  • Nontoxic
  • Self-priming
  • Easy to apply

  • Still takes up to a day to dry

Best Sealant : Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant – Indoor & Outdoor Coating

Although if we’re being technical about it, this product isn’t a pool paint, instead it is a rubber sealant that can protect a variety of surfaces, including a pool. The waterproof sealant is flexible and durable but won’t be spoiled by UV rays so it can withstand plenty of abuse from the elements. There are no solvents in this water-based product, no VOC’s and no risk of harmful odors so it is safe to use.Any fiberglass pools that are starting to crack or show signs of wear and tear can benefit from a coating of this sealant can it can be applied like any other type of paint. It takes longer to dry than a lot of the alternatives, but the results can be worth waiting for.


  • Easy to apply
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Water-based with no VOC’s or harmful odors

  • Takes a while to dry

Best Epoxy: Kelley Technical Coating 395-GL Olympic Zeron One Coat Epoxy Gallon

Although it takes a while for it to dry, 24 – 48 hours, in fact, it is worth it for the end result. The pleasant color and easy application makes it a product with a deserved reputation. Because it goes on thick, there is no need for a second coat and it can be applied over most epoxy surfaces. It requires the use of a strong roller as it is definitely on the thick side but this is to the pools benefit once it has been applied.Make sure you get plenty of ventilation when applying and choose from a handful of colors although any type of blue seems to come up nicely from this brand. It might take longer to apply because of the thickness but most people seem to believe it is well worth it.


  • No need for a second coat
  • Can go over most epoxy surfaces
  • Great color
  • Goes on thick

  • Takes a while to dry

Best For Exterior Stone: StoneTech Salt Water Resistant Sealer for Natural Stone & Masonry, 1-Gallon (3.785L)

Ideal for a natural stone that is not looking its best, this is a water-resistant sealer and good value in the 1-gallon can. Any salt degradation on the exterior of stone can cause it to look tired and wear pretty fast, but this product brings it back to life. Any area around a saltwater pool can benefit from this sort of product although it is essential to ensure there is plenty of ventilation around.It provides UV resistance and this pack can give around 475 sq ft of coverage alone. Water-based so it is better for the user and the environment, it helps restore porous tiles, natural stone, terracotta, grout, concrete, pavers, and a lot more. Expect around 5 years of wear when it has been applied.


  • Ideal for saltwater pools with natural stone
  • 5 years of wear
  • 475 sq. ft of coverage
  • Water-based

  • Better for the exterior of the pool

Best For Repairs: Pool Patch White Pool Plaster Repair Kit, 25-Pound, White

If your pool is showing signs of wear and tear but a few small fixes will do the job, then this is a good option. It is an all in one pool repair kit that could save a big task of painting an entire swimming pool. Any small cracks can be unsightly and worsen unless they are treated which is where this product excels.It cures in around 3-4 hours which will also save a lot of time compared to a full paint job. There is minimal shrinkage when dried giving you a reliable protective layer that could save you time and effort.


  • Great for fast repairs
  • Fast-drying in 3-4 hours
  • Easy to use

  • More of a quick fix than a proper paint job

Pool Paint Guide

Although you just want to be able to enjoy the clear, cool water on a summer day, there is a level of maintenance that a pool requires to look its. best. This includes using a quality pool paint to freshen things up. Before too long, a pool can start to look tired as the mix of chemicals and wear and tear takes its toll.

This is why we have created a pool paint buyers guide. By the end of it, you’ll know exactly what you need from these products to give your pool a fresh lease of life.

What To Look For In Pool Paint

Waterproof Formula

This might sound obvious, but sometimes you can pick up the wrong product and waste your money. Pool paint will always be waterproof and fine to be used in different climates. This means it doesn’t matter if things become freezing or start to heat up, the pool paint will always look its best.

Non-Toxic Formula

As with any paint, make sure the product you are considering is non-toxic. This not only protects you as you paint and those around you, but it ensures the water is free from the harsh chemicals that are used in the paint.

Fast Drying

No matter how good your paint job looks, the main point is you can fill up the pool as soon as possible. Most products tend to dry within 24 hours so you can fill the pool again so to ensure you aren’t waiting for days to get the pool back into action, find a fast drying pool paint.


You need to make sure the pool paint you are considering is suitable for the surface it is going to be painted on. Some products are versatile and can be painted on granite, concrete, masonry, and plaster pools.

Any fiberglass pool might require a separate product but whichever you choose, make sure it is suitable for your pool type.


The bigger the pool, the more paint you are going to need. This is why you need to check on the coverage you will get from each can. You don’t want to be left with half a pool to finish as it will mean you have to wait longer before it will dry and you can refill.

How Many Gallons Do I Need To Paint My Pool?

This depends on a few things but one of the major factors is the number of layers you want to paint. If you are applying two coats then double to the amount but certain types of paint will go further than others.

One way of working out a rough estimate is 1.7 x length x width but if you are looking at a second layer then double this.

Do I Need To Remove Bubbles Before I Paint My Pool?

Painting a pool is a good opportunity to remove bubbles and cracks which would otherwise go untreated. The best way to do this is by scrubbing the area and smoothing it over.

These blemishes tend to happen when the pool wasn’t prepped correctly when installed but any time the water is drained represents an opportunity to improve the look of the pool.

What Type of Paint Does My Pool Need?

A lot of people like to paint their pool using the same type as it already has. This is important since combining certain types can actually damage the pool as they are not compatible. Painting acrylic over epoxy will mean you have a paint that doesn’t last as long as it should.

To determine which type of pool paint you have, there is a simple test that can be done. One way is to chip off a bit of paint and send it to a manufacturer to examine and give you the results.

Otherwise, you can place the chip in epoxy or acrylic paint solvent. If it starts to dissolve, you have matched it to that type of solvent.

Pool Painting Tips

There are certain things you need to remember when painting your pool. Firstly, use a decent roller that hasn’t been used with other paints or has been washed properly.

Sometimes you might need to acid wash the pool to prepare it but otherwise, scrub the side and smooth over any blemishes before you apply the paint.

Always wait for the proper amount of time before you refill the pool and try not to paint when the conditions are not suitable such as rain and humid weather.

Different Types of Pool Paints


One of the most popular types of pool paint, acrylic can be environmentally friendly or the more reasonably priced water-based solutions. Any pool that has rubber or acrylic paint already can be painted with these.

A water-based product doesn’t last quite as long as a premium acrylic bit it does dry faster. You might find yourself only getting a few years out of water-based acrylic pool paint but you can enjoy your pool sooner.


With a longer lifespan than acrylic, pushing ten years, epoxy is solvent-based and suitable for most surfaces. The main issue is that it can take up to a fortnight to dry so you will have to wait longer before you can get back into the pool.

You will need to spend more time preparing the surface before you can use epoxy but the benefit is that you don’t have to repaint for a lot longer.


These have a smooth finish that looks great and tends to cover imperfections pretty well. Some types give you protection against algae to stop it from building up so fast and they usually last up to 5 years.

Can I Use A Regular Paint For My Pool?

There is a temptation to save money and use what you have in the garage, but this is not a good idea.

Regular paint is not resistant to the constant exposure to water and even paint designed for the exterior of a house is not up to the task as it’s not designed to be walked on or constantly exposed to water.

Use a tailor-made pool paint to ensure you get the long-lasting protection and true finish that a pool deserves. They are waterproof and safe to use where other products come with more risks and won’t last.

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