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The 10 Best Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor kitchens are great for whipping up meals while remaining in contact with your poolside guests. It allows people to stay social and prevents them from having to make repeated trips into the house to get supplies. For these purposes, a minimalist outdoor kitchen works just fine, but some people want to take their poolside kitchens to the next level. They want a more lavish outdoor kitchen experience. That’s why we’ve decided to go over some of the best luxurious outdoor kitchen designs that will blow people away. The following design possibilities are sure to elevate anyone’s outdoor kitchen to all new levels.

1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Technology

We all know that technology has become an important part of our lives. It seems like everyone not only has their smartphone with them at all times, but they also often are carrying other pieces of technology with them including smartwatches and tablets. So why not lean into the trend and introduce some technology into your outdoor kitchen? Docking stations, ULED televisions, built-in tablets to control lighting, and smart lighting can really transform an outdoor kitchen. Not only does it make it look more modern, but it also provides some hands-free capabilities for the home cook.

2. Using Brick Pizza Ovens As Focal Points

Although we don’t know how your kitchen is designed, we do know that you may be able to elevate it by using a brick pizza oven as a focal point. Custom brick outdoor pizza ovens can provide the outdoor space with an Old World look that will impress friends and family members. As can be seen from the photo, they look nice and don’t have a very large footprint. A person interested in this type of oven can have one built for them, or if they have some time and access to some old brick, can create their own.

3. Work The Outdoor Kitchen Into A Fine Dining Experience

It’s amazing what can be done with some pots of flowers, some fine seating, and some lights. This kitchen/dining area simulates the kind of fine dining experience a person would get from a luxurious restaurant, yet it didn’t take a whole lot of money to create. The biggest expense with this setup is the furniture and the lanterns. The rest is simply arranging it in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. See how light strings, lanterns, and candles are all used together to create the perfect ambiance at night?

4. Using An Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen Design

Something else that can add a sense of style and luxury to an outdoor kitchen is by joining it to an indoor kitchen. This can be done by building the outdoor kitchen or by converting an enclosed porch with a kitchen and connecting it to the outdoor one. Either way, it not only provides a sense of continuity but is also a head-turner. It also happens to double the size of the kitchen without encroaching too much on the backyard or pool area. It’s a great way to have a large kitchen without sacrificing too much outdoor space.

5. Bring Home The Look Of The Hamptons

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Hampton Style, let us give everyone a basic introduction to how we interpret this style. Hampton-Style designs are light and airy and incorporate white clapboards, cook blues, and light browns. Think natural linens such as cotton, and for furniture that’s in white or neutral tones, or has pinstripe designs. Creating a Hampton-Style kitchen brings the ocean-side vibe back to your home. This imparts a sense of style, luxury, and ultimately, wealth.

6. Mix Different Stone Styles For A Fabulous Effect

We think many people get concerned about making sure that everything matches when they design their outdoor kitchen. They want to make sure that the kitchen island, the appliances, the paving, and everything else match. However, we have a different take on the subject. We think that a wonderful effect can be created by intentionally mixing and matching different stone types. Mixing limestone with marble, flat pebble tiles with travertine islands or sandstone with soapstone can create something that’s extremely unique and expensive looking. Anyone who goes this route, however, has to be careful. Mixing too many different types of stone can create a thrift-store look that really degrades the kitchen’s look.

7. Use Stainless Steel For A More Modern Look

Another thing that you can do to add a more modern look to your outdoor kitchen is to use stainless steel. No, we’re not talking just about using stainless steel appliances. Everyone does that. What we’re talking about is using stainless steel for everything. What some people might not realize is that counters, flower containers, tables, and stools can all be stainless steel. Using stainless steel in this way, especially when it’s mixed with glass, creates a modern look that just can’t be beaten. Anyone looking to elevate their outdoor kitchen is probably going to want to give this a try.

8. Don’t Fear Adding Some Greenery To Your Outdoor Kitchen

Of course, not everyone is on the lookout for a modern kitchen. Some people want something that feels more intimate. For these people, we recommend going with greenery. Although the trend is for people to add plants and flowers to their outdoor dining spaces, they often forget to add that same greenery to their kitchen. Perhaps they fear that greenery will make it hard to work in the kitchen. But as the picture proves, greenery can accent a kitchen space without being in the way.

9. Islands Are Always An Option

When people are designing high-end outdoor kitchens, many times they will avoid kitchen islands. Perhaps it’s because they’re associated with more rural kitchen setups or beach-style kitchens. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Using a stone island equipped with modern appliances can really elevate an outdoor space. This is especially true when paired with a pergola, but we’ll cover it during our next point.

10. Pergolas Can Elevate An Outdoor Kitchen

We love pergolas because they can not only be used for budget outdoor kitchens but can also be used for high-end kitchen setups. They can be adorned with lighting, greenery, or other elements to create a unique cooking and dining experience. There are ones that feature open roof slates and others that create more of an enclosed look. Pergolas are so versatile they can be used with a variety of different backyard or poolside designs. In our opinion, the humble pergola really straddles that line between a more rustic d├ęcor and a more modern one. And that’s why we think it’s a great choice for a luxury outdoor kitchen.

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