• Best Toddler Pools in 2022 – Reviewed

    Although safety is key, fun comes a closer second when looking for the best toddler pool. There has to be more than vibrant colors and good capacity, these products have come a long way from being a glorified tub of water. When the summer is in full swing, it is…

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  • Best Kiddie Pools in 2022 – Reviewed

    Those warm summer days are great but when they reach their peak, it can be concerning for a parent. There are only so many ways you can keep your children cool,l and one of the most fun is with a quality kiddie pool. With so many products to choose from,…

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  • Best Inflatable Pools in 2022 – Reviewed

    When the temperature starts to rise, we all dream of those long summer days but when they arrive, it is great to have a way of cooling off. The whole family can enjoy a relaxing waddle or even a swim in an at-home inflatable pool. With a variety of products…

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  • Best Permanent Above Ground Pools in 2022 – Reviewed

    With the best of the summer approaching, there is no better time to invest in a permanent above ground pool. These structures aren’t your usual glorified paddling pools that are as much of a pain to maintain as they are to look at. Although they have their uses, a lot…

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  • Best Above Ground Pools in 2022 – Reviewed

    From the inflatable types to those a little more sturdy, there are plenty of above ground pools to choose from when you need a cool down. A great option for the summer months, they cost a fraction of the price of an in-ground pool and offer the same amount of…

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