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Best Access Doors in 2022 – Reviewed

Access doors are the unsung heroes of outdoor spaces. They allow the consumer to access important plumbing, propane tanks, or just about anything else the consumer needs access. These doors allow the consumer to access knobs or shut-off valves—all while keeping them out of their view. We know quite a lot about these types of doors because we’ve reviewed the best access doors that we think that our readers should consider the next time they’re shopping for some. Some of the following doors are good for outdoor grill islands and are designed to protect important components without making the area look cluttered. Let’s take a look at these doors and see how they can serve our readers well.

Quick Summary of Best Access Doors

 Editor’s Choice 
Yuxiang BBQ Outdoor Stainless-Steel Kitchen Doors  (review)
 Also Recommended 
Kitchen Aid Cabinet Stainless Doors  (review)
 Also Consider 
Mophorn Stainless-Steel Outdoor Kitchen Double Doors  (review)
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Editor’s Choice: Yuxiang BBQ Outdoor Stainless-Steel Kitchen Doors

Anyone who has been on the lookout for one of the best access doors available for their BBQ island or outdoor kitchen is going to want to take a look at this model. This model is designed to do a great job of hiding important components such as propane tanks or valves, so the consumer can retain the look of their outdoor area but still give themselves access to important parts of the BBQ or outdoor kitchen. This is a model that’s made from 304 stainless steel and has zinc-alloy handles that provide a very minimalist design. This product is approximately 31-inches wide by 24-inches high, so it requires a cutout size of approximately 28.25-inches wide by 21.25-inches high.

It’s also worth mentioning that this product is equipped with pre-drilled holes and a 3-inch depth flange that makes it very easy to install. This model also has an integrated pin-hinge that keeps the installation of this door looks cleaner than comparable models. It’s this unique design that allows it to mount flush to the surface. It’s a self-rimming door—meaning that it will always look clean, even if the cut-out edge doesn’t look so clean. It basically covers the edge and helps to protect that continuous look and helps the door to seal around the edge.

Even though these doors aren’t suitable for being exposed directly to rain or snow, it is durable enough for outdoor spaces that are covered. These doors are a good choice for covered outdoor islands, gazebos, or other spaces that have open sides but are still protected by a roof. And since these doors are easy-to-install, most consumers should have no problem installing this door so they can quickly get to use it for their outdoor spaces. This is a product that we feel many of our readers are going to enjoy using.


  • It comes with the hardware needed for installation.
  • Has a beautiful stainless-steel look to it.
  • This is a self-rimming access door.

  • These doors aren’t completely weather-resistant.

Also Recommended: Kitchen Aid Cabinet Stainless Doors

Kitchen Aid is a company that many people know and trust, and there are several good reasons why that’s the case. That’s because this company has been making quality products since 1919. This was a company that was originally owned by the Hobart Corporation, but is now owned by Whirlpool, so consumers can rest assured that the products they’re making are just as good as they ever were. And that rings true for the access doors that they have created. Doors that will help the consumer preserve the clean look of their outdoor grill but give them access to the propane tank or valves that they may need to access.

These doors are made from 304 stainless-steel and have a rigid door frame that makes them easier to mount to outdoor islands than other access doors. Even though this product is designed specifically for use with Kitchen Aid grills, under the right conditions, they can easily be used for outdoor grill or kitchen islands if the access door opening is properly sized. This door is approximately 32.87-inches by 23.03-inches by 4.5-inches and weighs approximately twenty pounds. Another thing worth mentioning is the handles found on these doors. They have a knurled texture handle that gives the consumer a clear place to grab so they can easily open the doors even while they’re distracted or have one of their hands full.

If there was any problem that we had with these access doors, it was the fact that they cost more than comparable stainless-steel models. Not by a whole lot, but enough for it to catch the consumer’s attention. Having said that, we believe that the increased price-tag of this product directly correlates with the increased durability and build-quality of these doors. In other words, these doors are sure to last the consumer quite a long time and hold up to a variety of environmental conditions.


  • This product has a classy stainless-steel look to it.
  • It’s a double door that gives great access to propane tanks.
  • It’s a well-made set of doors.

  • These access doors cost more than some comparable models.

Also Consider: Mophorn Stainless-Steel Outdoor Kitchen Double Doors

Even though we have to admit that we weren’t familiar with the company Mophorn—the company that designs and manufactures these access doors—we do have to say that we’re quite happy with how their product is made. These doors are made from high-quality stainless steel, have a one-piece construction that makes it easy to install, and a seamless design that doesn’t have sharp edges that can cut the consumer while they’re trying to install it. The only complaint that we had about these doors was the fact that we didn’t like the magnetic closure system. We felt like it wasn’t as strong as it could’ve been.

Now that we’ve said that, let’s take a look at some of these door’s features. These access doors have an outside dimension of 26-inches wide by 24-inches high and have a cutout dimension of 22.5-inches wide by 20.6-inches high. These doors are made with pre-drilled frame holes that make the installation process a lot easier. So easy, in fact, that the consumer can probably have these doors installed in 10-minutes or less. These doors also have solid stainless-steel handles that make opening and closing the doors a lot easier. And because these doors have tight door hinges that will last for many, many uses, the consumer can rest assured that these doors will last them for quite a long time.

These access doors are good for a variety of outdoor applications and are designed to hold up to all kinds of different weather conditions. They can be used in rain or snow, or in direct sunlight. That makes them suitable for BBQ islands or even outdoor kitchens. All of these points are reasons why some of our readers might want to consider when they’re designing their outdoor recreational spaces or need a replacement for their BBQ island.


  • These doors are made from high-quality stainless steel.
  • They have pre-drilled holes.
  • They come with installation tools.

  • The magnetic closure could’ve been better.

A Guide To Outdoor Access Doors

Hopefully, our coverage of some of the best access doors currently available will give our readers a choice that will help them improve their outdoor kitchens and BBQ islands for the better. However, we do understand that even after looking at our three picks, some people are still going to have some questions about which model of access doors might work the best for them. That’s why we’ve decided to write a guide on the subject that will help consumers choose the one that’s suitable for not only their needs but also for their outdoor décor. 

Stainless-Steel Is The Preferred Metal

Before we officially begin this guide, we’re going to state right here that just about all access doors that we know of are made of stainless steel. The best ones are usually made from 304 stainless-steel, but even lesser quality models use some type of stainless-steel. Why? Well, stainless steel is used because it holds up well to weather, won’t rust or corrode, and has a nice modern appearance. That’s why when you’re shopping for BBQ access doors, you’re going to find out all of your choices are stainless steel. 

Consider Whether The Doors Mount Flush To The Surface

The next thing that the consumer is going to want to think about is whether the doors mount flush to the island or grill or if they stand out a little bit. Flush-mount doors sit flat to the surface and these doors are the most common ones used. If you do purchase access doors that don’t mount flush to the surface, then make sure they don’t stick out too far or you may end striking your knees on them while you’re barbecuing.

If you’re choosing a flush-mount set of access doors, then you might want to consider whether those doors are self-rimming or not. Self-rimming doors cover up the outer edge of the cut-out edge, so the installation always looks nice. This also gives the consumer a little bit of leeway when cutting out the hole for the installation. A self-rimming set will cover a less than perfectly cut installation hole. 

Think About The Door’s Hinge

Although most access doors use a pin hinge—which is a reliable type of hinge that is maintained by one single pin and rotates on a vertical axis—there are other types of hinges that can be used as well. It doesn’t really matter what type of hinge is used, just that it is capable of holding up to years of opening and closing the doors. That’s why pin hinges are used in the first place and are considered to be the best type of hinge for this application. Fewer moving parts mean that there are fewer points of failure. 

Choose Doors With A Magnetic Closure System

When choosing a method of how the doors close, we recommend that our readers go with a magnetic closure system. A magnetic system keeps the doors tight, and there aren’t any moving parts that can break. When choosing a set of doors with a magnetic closure system, however, be sure to make sure that it’s a high-quality magnetic used because the quality of these systems can vary greatly. 

Choose Pre-Drilled Holes For Convenience

Although it isn’t entirely necessary for the consumer to choose access doors with pre-drilled holes, they can make installation a lot easier. When the holes are holes are pre-drilled, installation can be done quickly and easily. However, pre-drilled holes aren’t right for every single installation. If the consumer is comfortable with drilling the holes themselves, or if they need to drill holes that are non-standard, then they might just want to do it themselves. 

And Let’s Not Forget About Size

Of course, it’s also important for consumers to think about the size of the access doors. Not only do they need to think about the overall size that they need, but they also need to think about the size of the installation hole. This is especially true if you’re replacing access doors and the hole has already been prepared. Making sure it’s a good fit to save a lot of trouble and frustration during the installation process. 

Consider The Access Door’s Price

It’s also extremely important for the consumer to consider the price of the access doors. Access doors come in an assortment of different prices, so the consumer should make sure that they purchase the model that fits their budget the best. However, with that being said, the consumer should realize that the price of the access doors usually has a direct correlation with their quality. In other words, don’t expect a budget set of access doors to be the best access doors in the world. Sometimes you have to spend some money to get a quality product. 

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