Aqua Drag Racer

A four-lane race where you’ll go head-to-head as you accelerate head first down over 360 feet of wickedly twisting track.

Rider must be at least 42” tall.

Der Stuka

Free fall down this nearly vertical, six-story speed slide.

Must be 48″ tall to ride.

The Storm

A swirling body coaster is a torrent of thrills.

Must be 48″ tall and a strong swimmer to ride.

Bomb Bay

Feel the floor fall out beneath you on this six-story plunge.

Must be 48″ tall to ride.

Mach 5

Choose from 3 different flumes that wind and twist their way down to the pools.

Must be able to control mat; in the Mach 5 pool area children under 48” must wear a life jacket.


Disco H2O™

Prepare for a trip to the 1970’s on this watery disco nightclub.

36″-48″ tall must be with an adult.

The Black Hole™: The Next Generation

A deep space adventure that’s light years from ordinary.

Must be 48″ tall to ride.

The Surge

A five-story tube ride that slides down 600-feet of banked turns.

36″-48″ tall must be with an adult.

Any child who meets the minimum height requirement of the attraction but does not meet the 48-inch ride-alone height requirement must be accompanied by a Supervising Companion. A Supervising Companion is defined as someone who is 14 years of age or older and meets all other attraction ridership requirements..

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