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Best Hot Tub Covers in 2022 – Reviewed

With a whole host of benefits, not just for hygiene but also for keeping the water warm among others, a hot tub cover is a must-have. If you are lucky enough to own a hot tub and enjoy the benefits, then investing in one can save you money, time, and they also just plain look great. This is only if you pick up a decent product and this is no easy task. Because the market is flooded with options, we have compiled the following list. You’ll find only the best hot tub covers available.

Quick Summary of Best Hot Tub Covers

 Editor’s Choice 
ULTCOVER Waterproof 600D Polyester Square Hot Tub Cover 85 x 85 inch  (review)
 Best Value 
Covermates – Square Hot Tub Cover – 84W x 84D x 14H – Classic – 12-Gauge Vinyl  (review)
 Best Heavy-Duty 
Budge P9A17PM1 English Garden Square Hot Tub Cover Heavy Duty and Waterproof  (review)
 Best Affordable 
Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant 86 Inch Square Hot Tub Cover  (review)
 Best Round Cover 
Classic Accessories 55-584-011501-00 Veranda 84 Inch Round Hot Tub Cover  (review)
 Best Budget 
Sunkorto Square Hot Tub Cover, Waterproof Outdoor SPA Cover  (review)
 Also Consider (Best Value) 
AmazonBasics Square Hot Tub Cover, Large  (review)
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Editor’s Choice: ULTCOVER Waterproof 600D Polyester Square Hot Tub Cover 85 x 85 inch

What is most needed from a hot tub cover is a product that is both breathable, and waterproof which is exactly what this product offers. It requires the use of an insulated hardcover but the 600D polyester canvas material will protect a square hot tub from the likes of rain, hail, bird droppings, snow, leaves, and just about anything else that is thrown its way.

There are taped seams and a 3-year warranty to protect the purchase but what stands out is how easily it goes on. Made big enough to go over a tub but fits snug so it won’t move, complete with elastic cords to keep it in place. The air vents on the side prevent wind lofting and the strap buckles give that added layer of security on a windy day.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Air vents to stop wind lofting
  • 600D polyester canvas
  • 100% waterproof


Best Value: Covermates – Square Hot Tub Cover – 84W x 84D x 14H – Classic – 12-Gauge Vinyl

A simple design but effective, this 84 x 84-inch cover is made from sturdy 12 gauge vinyl which both keeps the cost down, but also adds an effective layer of protection against the elements. The 2-year warranty is a welcome extra and the polyester lining helps to ensure it repels moisture but also a lot of insects compared to other materials.

Because it has an elastic hem, it fits snug around the top of the tub. Its lightweight design makes it easy to fix into place and is ideal for climates that are up to a moderate amount of humidity and moderate to high amounts of rain or snow.


  • 12-gauge vinyl is hardy
  • 2-year warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Elastic hem

  • Not a lot of color variety

Best Heavy-Duty: Budge P9A17PM1 English Garden Square Hot Tub Cover Heavy Duty and Waterproof

With a pleasant darker design than most, this is one of the best heavy-duty hot tub covers available. The 600D polyester material ensures it is both durable and strong so it can withstand the demands put on it by different seasons. Not only is it waterproof, but the material protects it from UV rays so the fabric itself will last longer.

We like it because it is arguably the most eye-catching and will easily protect a hot tub so it will look its best for as long as possible. This means the tub won’t fade and the likes of tree sap won’t cause it to spoil. Ideal for a 94×94 inch product.


  • 600D polyester
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Looks great

  • Pricier than a lot of the competition

Best Affordable: Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant 86 Inch Square Hot Tub Cover

Available in both medium and large, this quality hot tub cover has seams in the interior for added strength and lots of stitching to add to the durability. The hem cord features a toggle to make sure it fits nice and tight so strong winds or heavy rain don’t impact the inside and it also comes with a 3-year warranty.

The padded handles feel strong and make it easier to move it over the hot tub and the water-resistant fabric does a good job of keeping a downpour from making the water dirty. Easy to fix onto the tub and with a quality feel, this is a popular and good value hot tub cover.


  • Durable stitching
  • 3-year warranty
  • Padded handles
  • Water-resistant fabric

  • Not as durable as some of the other products

Best Round Cover: Classic Accessories 55-584-011501-00 Veranda 84 Inch Round Hot Tub Cover

For a round hot tub cover then this has everything most people are looking for. Starting with an affordable price, what you do get is plenty of value and performance since the seams are in the interior which protects. them but also makes the whole product that little more durable.

Any tub of 84 inches in diameter will benefit from using this cover and the hem cord features a toggle that pulls everything in tight so even strong winds are kept at bay. With padded. handles and a 3-year warranty, it has the regular hallmarks of a quality Classic Accessories cover, and with water-resistant materials and double stitching, it’ll last as long as their other offerings too.


  • Ideal for 84-inch diameter hot tubs
  • Interior double stitching
  • Water-resistant
  • 3-year warranty

  • Not many color options

Best Budget: Sunkorto Square Hot Tub Cover, Waterproof Outdoor SPA Cover

With plenty of coverage for the sides as well as the top of a hot tub, this is a good product to consider for anyone with a restrictive budget. The Oxford Cloth is made from 600D polyester to ensure it is water-resistant and will be able to withstand some of the worse conditions a hot tub can be exposed to.

There are air vents on the side to make sure there is plenty of airflow and any moisture and condensation do not build up. The bottom is elasticated to keep it in place and there is a hook and loop design to give added protection against it coming out of place. Available in different sizes, they are UV resistant hot tub covers that doa. good job of keeping rain, snow, leaves, and the likes away from the water.


  • 600D polyester fabric
  • Water-resistant
  • Air vents to keep condensation away
  • UV resistant

  • Not as durable as other products

Also Consider (Best Value): AmazonBasics Square Hot Tub Cover, Large

With tough seams that interlock to add to its durability, this is a hot tub cover worth considering. Although other products might have taken a different approach and gone with darker colors, this is still easy to clean as most blemishes can be wiped clean. It does what the user needs it to well though, as it provides a layer of protection against rain, snow, leaves, debris, sap, and anything else that comes its way.

With 100% woven polyester fabric and airflow vents, it minimizes condensation but also stops it from blowing around like crazy when the wind picks up.


  • Easy to clean
  • 100% woven polyester fabric
  • Airflow vents

  • Does get dirty easier

Hot Tub Cover Guide

You might think about your hot tub less when you are out of it but it still needs to be maintained to a high standard. Not only does a quality hot tub cover stop the heat from escaping but it also keeps young ones safe and stops debris from getting inside. Some products are better than others which is why you need to do a little research before you buy.

To make sure the hot tub cover you purchase is up to the task, we have created a buyer’s guide. Let’s start by considering the important aspects that make the best products so good.

What To Look For In A Hot Tub Cover

Humidity Resistance

If you live in a place that experiences proper seasons with hot summers and cold winters, a hot tub cover is going to be more important to you than those who enjoy a mild climate all year round.

Because of this, the product you buy needs to be able to cope when humidity increases. A lot of brands will boast of their products’ ability to work under these conditions, making it easy to find the right cover for your area.


The condensation created by the cold air above and warm air below the cover can impact the quality of the cover. Over time, this will ruin the foam pores in the cover which can make it less effective.

The best hot tub covers are relatively resistant to this, using vapor barrier technology.


This is a big factor in the quality of the hot tub cover. The denser materials tend to be more durable and have a foam core. This will save you money as when it is thick enough, a cover will ensure the heat does not escape and the heater will not have to work as hard to maintain the temperature.


Although this might sound obvious, you will be surprised at the number of times people have to return their hot tub cover because they didn’t order the correct size.

Check the box or manual of your hot tub for the right dimensions and shape. With the right size, it should fit without being loose.


The color of the hot tub cover might be a less practical feature but it is still important. Finding the right one that blends in with the tub as well as your outdoor area is important.

Light colors might look great to begin with but they do tend to spoil and mark over time.


Although it can be tempting to try and save money on the hot tub cover, it is not a wise idea. If you buy sub-par materials, don’t expect it to work as efficiently. Because of this, you might notice a rise in your bills where the hot tub has to work harder than it would with a quality cover.

This is where the value is in the best product, not the cheapest.

How Long Should A Hot Tub Cover Last?

If you buy a quality product then you shouldn’t expect to replace it for some time. For most reputable brands, you should get around 5 years out of an average product.

This being said, there are ways you can extend it, proper maintenance for a start. The climate you live might be kinder on the cover and if you have placed it somewhere sensible, it is going to last longer than a product that is constantly under debris.

If you get a lot of snow, make sure you pay attention to how much it collects on your hot tub cover. Stop it from weighing it down and causing damage by clearing it when it starts to build up.

Too much sun exposure will cause it to spoil faster than it should, as will anyone sitting or leaning on it so if you can do as much as you can to protect your cover, it will last much longer.

Soft Covers Vs Hard

Although hard hot tub covers are going to be more durable and tend to last a lot longer, they cost a lot more. Also, they are heavier and can be tricky to get on and off.

Still, a quality soft cover is better than your average hardcover. In terms of materials, insulated foam is something to look out for. A lot of the time you can purchase a custom made softcover for a reasonable price.

Why Are Hot Tub Covers So Heavy?

The fact that you can purchase hot tub cover lifters means that some people find them too much to handle which is understandable, some of them are pretty heavy.

This is because, over the years, they become less resistant to moisture and tend to hold onto it instead. Particles find their way into the cover which makes them heavier.

Also, any layer of foam is going to get heavier as it absorbs water. With hot tub covers, you are dealing with a lot of foam, which means they get much heavier.

Different Types of Hot Tub Covers


These are the most popular types of hot tub covers and are also the most affordable. Soft covers are usually easy to attach and are usually made from materials like vinyl, polyester, plastic, foam, and others.

Hard Shell

Another common type of cover, hard shells are usually fixed via locks and as the name suggests, they are more durable. A good option for the harsher months although they are more expensive than soft shell covers.


If you live in an area where the seasons are a little more intense, with harsher winter, or lots of rainfall then a seasonal cover can be of use. They can cover the side of the tub as well as the top.


If you have the cash to splash then a solar hot tub cover can be a sensible purchase. Not only do they help to trap heat, reducing your energy bills but they can help to keep the temperature of the water up when you’re not using it.

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