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Best Outdoor Furniture Covers in 2022 – Reviewed

Anyone who wants to get the most out of their outdoor furniture is going to want to make sure that they protect it. Even the best furniture can begin to fade and break down when left out in season after season of sun, snow, wind, and rain. That’s why we feel that the best way to keep your outdoor patio or deck furniture looking its best is to make sure that you cover it with the best outdoor furniture cover available. To help our readers find such a product so they can keep their outdoor furniture covered, we’ve decided to not only review the ones we feel are the best but also write an informative guide on the subject as well.

Quick Summary of Best Outdoor Furniture Covers

 Editor’s Choice 
Vailge Outdoor Waterproof Sofa Cover  (review)
 Also Recommended 
Leafbay Outdoor Heavy-Duty Covers  (review)
 Also Consider 
Sarcch Section Furniture Set Cover  (review)
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Editor’s Choice: Vailge Outdoor Waterproof Sofa Cover

We have determined that this is the best outdoor furniture cover because it meets all of the criteria we looked for in a cover. This product is made from high-quality materials, holds up to the environment well, and is large enough for a variety of different types of outdoor furniture. This is the type of high-quality furniture cover that most people are going to want to use. To show all of our readers why we think that this is a high-quality product, we’ve gone through some of the features that can be found on this model and listed them in plain English so all of our readers can fully understand the quality that went into the manufacture of these covers.

The first thing we’d like to mention is that these covers are made from 600D fabric that’s not only water-resistant, to begin with, but is also treated with a PVC waterproof coating to ensure that no water will seep through them and ruin your outdoor furniture. Such care is given to its construction, it’s even made with UV-resistant threads and double-stitched seams for increased durability. Another thing that we liked about this cover was that it had large handle loops that are padded and make fitting or storing the covers extremely easy to do. And because these covers have bottom fastening straps, consumers don’t have to worry about the wind grabbing them and pulling them off.

We also appreciated the fact that these covers were extremely easy to clean. To clean them, all the consumer has to do is hose them down with some water and then allow them to dry in the sun. In no time flat, these covers will be dry and ready to be used. All of these factors come together to make sure that the covers do an excellent job of protecting their furniture, and in that aspect, these covers work extremely well.


  • This is a completely waterproof furniture cover.
  • Made with UV-resistant threads.
  • It has windproof buckle straps.

  • None.

Also Recommended: Leafbay Outdoor Heavy-Duty Covers

By creating these high-quality outdoor furniture covers, Leaf Bay has demonstrated that they’re serious about making durable covers that stand the test of time. These covers are manufactured from 600D Oxford fabric that’s sandwiched between a UV-resistant coating and a PVC-coating. This fabric construction allows this product to be one of the most durable and weather-resistant covers available. These covers can hold up to heavy rain, snow, sleet, and ice, and do it without wearing down. It also has two breathable mesh pockets that help to avoid icing from forming on the outdoor furniture. And because it’s well sewn, these covers are sure to last a long, long time.

Another thing that we appreciated about this cover was that it has two elastic hem cords and four chair straps that help protect it from being ravaged by high winds. It also has large padded handles that make this cover easy to remove when it’s time to begin the summer season again. This cover is well-designed and ready to protect all different types of outdoor furniture. Now that we’ve said that, let’s move on to the dimensions of this product and see how well it fits.

This product comes in one of two different sizes. There’s a large size that’s approximately 37-inches by 40-inches by 30-inches, and there’s a medium size that’s approximately 31-inches by 38-inches by 30-inches. The consumer should choose the size that best fits their needs and their furniture, to ensure that it will do the job it’s intended to do.

And before we go, we’d like to say that these covers are not only durable but that they’re also very nice looking. They’re ideal for consumers who want to protect their outdoor chairs, but don’t want to sacrifice the look of their outdoor spaces. These covers have a nice neutral color that should fit in with just about any outdoor decor.


  • This is a thick and durable outdoor furniture cover.
  • It’s both sun-proof and waterproof.
  • It has padded handles.

  • None.

Also Consider: Sarcch Section Furniture Set Cover

A lightweight and inexpensive cover that we liked is this one from Sarcch. Although we don’t think that this cover is as durable or as thick as some of the other outdoor furniture covers that we’ve reviewed, we can say that this product is one of the least expensive models available. It’s also a lightweight model that’s easy to carry out to the patio and easy to use. And even though it might not be as thick as some other models, we do think that it’s a good model for budget-conscious consumers. It’s a cover that should easily last for more than a few seasons and to protect the consumer’s outdoor furniture quite well.

This cover set is good for year-round use as well. It can be used during the spring season to protect furniture against dust, during the summer season to protect the furniture against UV radiation, during the fall months to protect against falling leaves and acorns, and during the winter months to protect the furniture against snow and sleet. And this new and improved cover is also equipped with adjustable straps on both sides and a hidden elastic tightener that ensures that when the consumer puts the cover on their furniture, it’s going to stay put.

The last thing that we would like to talk about before this review comes to its timely end is the size of this cover. It’s approximately 83-inches by 52-inches by 29-inches in size—which is an exceptionally large size. This means that the consumer is not only big enough to cover just about any piece of outdoor furniture, but it’s also big enough to cover several pieces of furniture. That makes it even a better deal for consumers who are trying to protect several pieces of outdoor furniture at one time. Imagine being able to cover several different outdoor chairs at a time without having to purchase two covers. That is how large each of these covers are.


  • This is an inexpensive furniture cover.
  • This is a lightweight cover.

  • This product isn’t as durable as some other covers.

A Guide To Buying Outdoor Furniture Covers

I think just about anyone who owns outdoor furniture can agree on is the fact that furniture left outdoors year-round needs to be protected well with a good cover. What people are less likely to agree on, however, are the materials, size, and features found on the leading covers that will do the best job. That’s why we’ve decided to take up the issue on our own and write a guide on the subject. It’s our hope that this guide will provide all of our readers with the information they need to make the best-informed decision possible. 

Think About Furniture Size And Shape

One of the most obvious considerations that people should think about is whether a potential outdoor furniture cover will fit the size and shape of their furniture. You’ll want to make sure that the cover is large enough to cover the entire piece of furniture and that it’s a shape that will work well going with the shape of the furniture. We’ve seen people try to cover round tables with square or rectangular coverings, and it just never works out very well. 

Determining The Correct Cover Size

For anyone who wants to know how they can determine the correct size cover, they’re going to need can start by measuring the furniture. If you’re measuring a sofa, love seat, or chair, then measure from the ground up to the top of the seat’s back. Next, measure the depth of the chair or sofa by measuring front to back. And finally, measure the arm height from the ground all the way to the top of the arm. Those are the measurements you’re going to need. 

Think About What The Covers Are Made From

The next thing that the consumer should think about is what the outdoor furniture cover is made of. When it comes to these types of covers, consumers only have two real choices: Treated Polyester or Vinyl. Let’s examine each of these briefly before continuing on with our guide. 

Treated Polyester

This material is most often used because it’s lightweight, and is durable for outdoor use. It also tends to be water-resistant, and sometimes even waterproof if the manufacturer has given it a PVC treatment. Covers that haven’t been treated may allow moisture to flow through the material in a hard rain.


Vinyl is another material that’s commonly used for outdoor furniture covers. However, this material is rarely used by itself in covers. It’s most often paired with a polyester or fleece material to provide waterproof protection. 

This might seem confusing, but we can summarize it more easily by saying that vinyl is a waterproof material, while polyester is only water-resistant. 

The problem with vinyl is that it will allow the furniture to mildew if it doesn’t have built-in ventilation. The problem with polyester is that its water-resistance does tends to degrade over time. 

Consider The Weight Of The Cover

Another thing that the consumer might want to consider is the weight of the cover. The cover’s weight determines how easy the cover is to use, but also determines how durable it’s going to be. Lightweight covers are easier to use (and usually more inexpensive) but tend to not last as long as heavier covers. Heavy covers are harder to move and to deploy, but are usually more durable and provide better water-resistance. Lightweight covers are best to use during the season, and heavy covers are best for off-season outdoor storage. 

Consider Other Necessary Features

The next thing that the consumer should consider is some of the other features they might need their cover to have. Features that either keep the covers from being blown off, make the cover easier to install, or provides additional layers of protection. Below are some of the features consumers should think about before purchasing their next outdoor furniture cover.

  • UV Protection
  • Buckles & Adjustable Hem Cords
  • Padded Handles
  • Vents For Proper Ventilation

Some Final Outdoor Furniture Cover Tips

Now that we’re done with the buying portion of this guide, we’d like to provide our consumers with a few additional tips for using their outdoor furniture covers to protect their furniture for as long as possible and keep it protected. Let’s take a quick look at these tips before this guide comes to an end. 

  • When possible, furniture should be stored inside for long-term storage.
  • In humid environments, use a lightweight waterproof cover for the best results.
  • In dry and hot climates, make sure to use a cover with UV-resistance.
  • When storing the furniture indoors, use lightweight covers to protect against dust.
  • For cold climates, use heavy-duty covers for best results. 

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