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The 10 Best Budget Poolside Kitchen Projects

We understand that it can be really disappointing going over design websites and seeing all of the beautiful outdoor pool kitchens that people have installed. Believe us, we know the feeling. Some people really go all out to create lavish outdoor poolside kitchens that blow their guests away. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune nowadays to have a nice poolside kitchen. Now we won’t say that budget kitchens will match more expensive models, but they’re a great place for people to begin their journey towards owning a poolside kitchen. With that said, below are some of the best budget poolside kitchen ideas.

1. DIY Kitchen On A Deck

One thing that people can do to build a poolside kitchen on a budget is to use what they already have available: their poolside deck. Instead of spending extra money trying to build a special poolside kitchen area, why not take advantage of the deck that’s already built by the pool. That way, you can add portable grills, stoves, smokers, and other items to your deck. You can even move out a sink to the deck and set it up the way that you like it. The stars are the limit when you take a few moments and set up an outdoor kitchen right on the deck.

2. Just Make It A Poolside Bar

Another way to enjoy a poolside kitchen on the cheap is to just create a poolside bar. With the addition of a grill and maybe a few other components, a person can easily transform a small area of space into a bar and then into a kitchen. It can be something as simple as purchasing a portable poolside bar and then setting it up for use as a kitchen. Or, as is the case in the picture, an existing gazebo can easily be transformed into a bar area. Now everyone can enjoy drinks and appetizers poolside.

3. Build Your Own Poolside Pergola Kitchen

Another way to set up a cheap outdoor kitchen is by purchasing or using an existing, pergola. Pergolas come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and of course, budgets. And if you have some construction experience, you can build one even cheaper. If you’re going to purchase a prefabricated one, however, it’s worth noting that some of them can be really expensive, so it’s best to shop around and either build it yourself or purchase a small pre-fabricated one on the cheap.

4. Re-Purpose A Breakfast Bar To A Poolside Kitchen

Do you have an old breakfast car or breakfast bar that you’re not using anymore? If you do, then you have everything that you need to create a poolside breakfast bar. You can then add elements like a grill smoker, and maybe even a sink sometime down the road. This is the quickest way to get a functional outdoor kitchen up and running. We’ve used this trick to great effect for a few of our builds and found that it was not only an inexpensive way of making a poolside kitchen but is also a lot of fun to set up.

5. DIY Corrugated Steel Outdoor Kitchen

The one trick that we learned a few years ago that we think is helpful is learning how to take lesser quality materials and transform them into something that appears nicer than it should. For example, take this outdoor kitchen. It’s made mostly with corrugated steel, so it’s not only inexpensive but lightweight as well. With the addition of a stainless steel countertop and some wood elements, this corrugated steel station looks as good as any store-bought outdoor kitchen. Just take a look at it and judge it for yourself.

6. DIY Poured Concrete Poolside Kitchen

Another material that’s inexpensive but can have a really sophisticated look is concrete. It’s easy to work with, very durable, and weatherproof. Sure, this project does require a person to make molds so they can get the right shapes for their design, but when that’s done, it’s easy to put together. It can provide a nice look to just about any pool area. It’s not for everyone, of course, as some people may find it to be too plain, but for our purposes, we thought that it worked out fine.

7. Repurposed Cabinet Poolside Kitchen

Another way to save some cash on your poolside kitchen is to repurpose something that was likely going to head to the dump: kitchen cabinets. If you’re updating the cabinets in your kitchen, why not take the time to take the old cabinets and turn them into a cool outdoor kitchen. As you can see, it doesn’t take much to reassemble the cabinet doors to create a kitchen island. Add some basic cooking tools, maybe a pizza oven or smoker, and you have everything you need to entertain guests by the pool.

8. Repurposed Cart Poolside Kitchen Cart

Another way to make an inexpensive poolside kitchen is by repurposing a BBQ cart that they already have. We see plenty of basic BBQ carts that can be built upon and turned into a whole kitchen. All that’s required is a little bit of planning, a few odds, and ends, and maybe some extra wood. It might take a little bit of work, but we assure you that it’s worth it once you see how much money you saved making your own outdoor kitchen.

9. Use Tile To Make A Stylish-Looking Poolside Kitchen

Let us tell you a secret: tile can be made to make inexpensive projects look more stylish. An outdoor kitchen can be made out of wood, equipped with sinks, stainless steel cabinet doors, and stainless steel doors, then covered in tile. At first appearance, it looks like a high-quality kitchen that costs thousands of dollars. Little will people realize that it was made on the cheap and made to look better with some simple tiles. This is particularly effective when you’re able to match the tiles with the ones around the pool area. That makes it look like it always belonged there and brings continuity to the entire poolside area.

10. Reclaimed Wood Poolside Kitchen

Anyone who didn’t like the cabinet poolside kitchen idea, but still wants to do something that inexpensive, may want to try to make a kitchen poolside cart out of repurposed wood. Most people who work with wood have some leftovers in their garages. They can take this wood and use it to turn it into an inexpensive kitchen cart for poolside use. Not only will this save money, but it is also a good way to recycle the wood so that it doesn’t end up in a landfill.

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