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Best Portable Fire Pits in 2022 – Reviewed

Anyone who has ever been around a fire pit knows how great they can be. They know that they generate ample amounts of heat, that they provide a communal way for people to gather together, and that they’re a lot of fun, too. What many people don’t like about them, however, is that many of them aren’t very portable. Once you set them up, that’s where they’ll stay—unless the person who owns it wants to go out of their way to move it.

Fortunately, there is a type of fire pit that’s more portable and is easier to use at multiple locations—and that’s the portable fire pit. These pits have most of the power and allure of full-size firepits, but they’re easier to move from one place to another. We know because we’ve reviewed some of the models and have selected the three best portable fire pits for our readers.

Quick Summary of Best Portable Fire Pits

 Editor’s Choice 
Outland Firebowl Cypress 21-Inch Propane Fire Pit  (review)
 Also Recommended 
Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pits  (review)
 Also Consider 
Fire Sense Folding 29-Inch Fire Pit  (review)
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Editor’s Choice: Outland Firebowl Cypress 21-Inch Propane Fire Pit

One of the first, and arguably the best, portable fire pits is this one we’ve found is this one from Outland. This is a fire pit that’s approximately 21-inches long, 21-inches wide, and 9.5-inches high. It’s also a product that only weighs about 26-pounds, so it’s extremely easy for a person to take it from one place to another.

Another thing that we liked about this pit was that it came with everything the consumer needs to operate it—except, of course, for the propane tank needed to power it. This product comes with a pre-attached 10-foot hose that connects to any 20-pound propane tank, an adjustable regulator with chrome valves, and approximately 4.4-pounds of natural lava rock to put into the fire pit. That allows the consumer to get started with running this fire pit without having to worry about buying a bunch of extra supplies. We feel this more than makes up for the higher price that this product has over other comparable fire pits.

What probably impressed us the most about this product, however, was the amount of heat it was capable of producing. This model has a total output of 58,000 BTUs/hour. This produces an ample amount of flame through the unit’s stainless-steel ring.

What brings all of these features together is the quality of this firepit’s construction. This is an extremely well-made pit that can be used not only in a person’s backyard but can also be taken on the road. In our estimation, it’s one of the best camping fire pits that are available. It’s a model that we feel will weather just about anything that the consumer throws at it. Keeping all of these features in mind, it’s clear to us that this is a great model that many of our readers are going to want to look at.


  • This product has a 58,000 BTUs/Hour Output.
  • Comes with everything except the propane.
  • It has a 21-inch diameter.

  • This model costs a little more than some other fire pits.

Also Recommended: Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pits

The next portable firepit up for consideration is this model from Fireside Outdoor. This model is designed to be a pop-up fire pit that’s supposed to be easily disassembled so that it can be taken from place to place—although we have to admit that sometimes it’s a little bit difficult to disassemble. However, we did find it to be a powerful portable fire pit that we think that anyone can use. With that said, let’s take a quick look at some of its features.

This fire pit weighs approximately 9-pounds and is 24x24x15-inches in size. It’s a product that’s easy to take from the home to the great outdoors, and it can easily be set up in a minute or less. Once set up, this product can hold up to 125-pounds of weight—which is more than enough for most people to make one great fire.

Since this product has 576 square-inches of burn-area, the consumer has plenty of space to spread out their logs or kindling so that the fire bans evenly and gets plenty of oxygen. This model also has an elevated base that keeps the firepit above ground level. Because it’s equipped with a special design, logs in the firepit will burn more evenly and produce less smoke than logs burned in a conventional manner. And because this product doesn’t let the ash fall through it, it meets or exceeds safety regulations established by the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S Forest Service.

This product’s design also allows it to cool down quickly. In fact, the frame of the fire pit will cool down in under two minutes after the fire has been fully extinguished. That allows the consumer to use it, and pack it up quickly. It’s for all of these features that we’ve decided that this fire pit belongs on our list. It’s a great model that will serve whoever uses it for quite some time.


  • This product is extremely well made.
  • It works extremely well.

  • It can be difficult to dissemble.

Also Consider: Fire Sense Folding 29-Inch Fire Pit

The last portable fire pit on our list might not be as glamorous as the first two we reviewed, but we do think that it’s a product that will work quite well for most people. Besides, it’s a fire pit that’s on the cheaper end of the price spectrum, so some consumers might want to consider it on that basis alone. Let’s all of us go and see what features this product has as well as take a look at any of its potential flaws.

This product is made out of steel and is approximately 29-inches in diameter. It sits on folding legs that seem a bit flimsy when first deployed, but end up being quite steady once they’re in place. This fire pit has a grate upon which to load fuel so that wood and kindling can get proper oxygen when it’s being fired up by the user. This pit also has a cover that allows the consumer to see the fire and allows air to get into the fire while smoke escapes from it.

This product also came with a cover that it can be packed into for taking on the road or for packing on the trail. And because this model only weighs 10-pounds, it’s easy enough for just about anyone to take from one place or another.

If there’s one thing that we didn’t like about this product it’s the fact that it will rust if it gets wet and stays wet. That means that the consumer can’t leave it outside at all and needs to make sure it’s dry all of the time. This is especially true since there’s no drain hole in this model and water tends to collect in it. If this product had been a little more durable, it would’ve ended up higher on this list.


  • This is a great budget-level portable fire pit.
  • It seems to be durable.
  • It’s a decent size and suitable for most people.

  • It has to be kept completely dry or it will rust.

A Guide To Portable Fire Pits

It’s our sincere belief that the above fire pits offer enough of a variety that anyone looking for a portable model will be able to find exactly what they need. Just in case that isn’t so, however, we have also decided to whip up this buying guide; A buying guide that will give all of our readers the information they need to buy the best portable fire pit available. 

Step One: Consider The Size

Since this is a buying guide for portable fire pits, it should be no surprise that one of the first things that we recommend our readers to think about before they buy a new fire pit is its size. The consumer should make sure that it’s large enough to make the size fire they want to make with it but small enough that it’s easy to take from one location to the next. 

Step Two: Consider The Pit’s Fuel Source

The next thing that the consumer should consider is how they want to power their fire pit. Do they want to be able to use kindling and firewood or do they want a propane model? To this question, there’s no right or wrong answer because it all depends on what the consumer needs. If they intend on using this out on the trail at a campsite, then they might want to choose a wood-fueled model. On the other hand, if they want a fire pit they can use outside of their RV while they’re on the road, then they might want to choose a propane model. 

Step Three: Consider The Fire Pit’s Construction

How the fire pit is made is also another important consideration for the consumer. We’ve seen high-quality fire pits that last for decades and we’ve seen fire pits that only last a few months before they rust through. That’s why the consumer is going to want to make sure that choose a fire pit that’s made with high-quality powder-coated steel, cast-iron painted with heat-resistant paint, or stainless steel. Other quality materials used to make fire pits include cast aluminum, aluminum, and copper. 

Step Four: Does The Fire Pit Have An Ash Guard

The consumer might also want to consider whether the fire pit has an ash guard. An ash guard prevents flaming pieces of wood from flying up from the fire and landing elsewhere where it can potentially set something on fire. Some models have ash catchers that fit on the fire pit like a lid, while others simply have extended walls that help to prevent ashes from flying upwards and outwards from the firing pit. 

Step Five: Make Sure It Conforms To Necessary Safety Standards

The next thing the consumer should absolutely think about is whether the portable fire pit they’re thinking of buying conforms to safety standards or not. At the minimum, the fire pit should abide by safety standards set by the U.S Forest Service and/or the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) to ensure that it’s safe to use on public lands. 

Step Six: Additional Features To Consider

The last thing that the consumer should concern themselves with is some of the other features they need the product to do. Although the above features are some of the most important things to consider, they aren’t the only things to consider. Below are some other features that might or might not make an impact on the user’s fire pit experience. 

  • Shape Of The Fire Pit
  • Whether The Fire Pit Uses Fire Rock
  • Whether The Fire Pit Has A Pre-Attached Gas Hose (For Propane Models)
  • Controls Located On The Fire Pit
  • Whether Or Not It Has An Electronic Ignition

Some Final Safety Tips

Before we conclude this guide, we thought that it might be a good idea to list some safety precautions that the consumer might want to think about before they begin using their new portable fire pit. After all, the last thing the consumer is going to want to do is to buy their new portable fire pit and then end up causing a fire. And that’s why we’ve decided to list the following safety tips below. 

Read The Product’s Instructions

Before assembling or using the portable fire pit the consumer should make sure to read the product’s directions thoroughly. This includes assembly instructions, usage instructions, and safety instructions. The consumer shouldn’t attempt to use their fire pit until they have read and understood the product’s instructions thoroughly. 

Check The Weather

The next thing that the consumer should do is to check the local weather of the area where the fire pit is to be used. They should make sure that the winds are light and that there aren’t any Red Flag Warnings in effect. 

Check Local Fire Laws

It’s also important to check the local laws before using a fire pit. Some areas actively prohibit fire pits or any other kind of open fire. In these areas, the consumer can be heavily fined for ignoring these laws. 

Other Safety Rules:

Below are a few other safety rules that the consumer needs to consider before using the portable fire pit:

  • Keep children and pets away from the fire.
  • Avoid using hardwoods for fuel in fire pits.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher close by.
  • Don’t wear flammable clothing while using the fire pit.
  • Don’t use flammable liquids such as gas or lighter fluid to start the fire pit.

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