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Best Zero Gravity Outdoor Chairs in 2022 – Reviewed

When most people think of outdoor chairs that are used to sit around the pool or to sit on a patio, they think of those uncomfortable resin chairs or maybe those cheap foldup chairs. Chairs that are notorious for being uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time. Fortunately for all of us, there is a solution to using one of these uncomfortable chairs: zero gravity chairs.

The best zero gravity outdoor chairs make you forget that you’re in a sitting position. They reduce stress on the lower back, they help improve posture and they may even have a beneficial effect on a person’s health. More than enough reasons for people to toss out their old deck chairs and add some of these chairs to their outdoor spaces.

Quick Summary of Best Zero Gravity Outdoor Chairs

 Best Overall 
Ever Advanced Oversize XL Zero-Gravity Recliner  (review)
 Best Color Variety 
Timber Ridge Zero-Gravity Oversized Recliner  (review)
 Best Affordable 
Best Choice Products Zero-Gravity Recliner  (review)
 Best Padded Chair 
OT QOMOTOP Zero-Gravity Patio Chair  (review)
 Best Value 
Furmax Zero Gravity Lounge Chair  (review)
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Best Overall: Ever Advanced Oversize XL Zero-Gravity Recliner

Very few chairs are designed by the very customers who actually use them, but this chair from Ever Advanced has been designed that way. This company came out with their first zero gravity outdoor chair years ago and thanks to feedback from their customers have been able to redesign their product to be even better. The end result is the chair that sits before you now. A chair that’s 29.5-inches long, 32-inches wide, and 45-inches high when it’s open. This chair also has a folded dimension of 31-inches long, 7-inches wide, and 38.5-inches high. That’s small enough to take anywhere.

This chair is capable of holding up to 350-pounds of weight, is made with very comfy polyester fabric, and provides one of the best zero-gravity experiences that we’ve yet to come across. This product cradles the body and allows stress to simply melt away. It also has an adjustable cushion that can be used as a headrest or can be slid down to provide additional lumbar support. All of this makes this a chair designed for people who want to enjoy life outdoors hanging out with friends and family, or even reading a good book.


  • Can accommodate up to 350-pounds of weight.
  • It’s extremely durable.

  • None.

Best Color Variety: Timber Ridge Zero-Gravity Oversized Recliner

Another zero-gravity outdoor chair that we think is an exceptional product is this one from Timber Ridge. Although this chair is a little bit more expensive than the chair that resides at the top of our list, it does have one advantage over the Ever Advanced chair: it comes in a wider array of different colors. These chairs can be bought in blue, navy blue, earth and even camouflaged. We found the camouflaged ones to be a great gift to give to that hunter in your life—after all, who says that you have to be uncomfortable while you’re hunting?

This chair has a size of 43.5 by 22 by 21.3-inches. They recline to a full length of 72-inches, and they do an amazing job of relieving stress off of the sitting person’s joints. This chair is capable of supporting weight up to 350-pounds and features a removable padded pillow for extra support for the head of the back. It also has a wooden armrest that’s not only comfortable but also gives this chair a little bit of style. All things considered, we believe that this is one of the better zero-gravity chairs for outdoor use and one that consumers might want to experience.


  • They come in a wide variety of different colors.
  • They can hold up to 350-pounds of weight.

  • They cost a little bit more than some zero-gravity chairs.

Best Affordable: Best Choice Products Zero-Gravity Recliner

Even though these zero-gravity outdoor chairs aren’t the best-constructed models, we do believe that they are some of the most inexpensive ones available. Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that these chairs are going to fall apart as soon as they’re used, we’re just saying that they probably won’t hold up as long as some of the other chairs on this list or could take as much abuse. With that being said, we still think that these chairs can be an inexpensive option for them to add some seating to their outdoor spaces.

These chairs are 34-inches long, 27-inches wide, and 49-inches high when they’re open. When they’re closed, they’re 27-inches long, 7.5-inches wide, and 37.5-inches high. They weigh approximately 20.5 pounds, have a weight capacity of approximately 250-pounds, and doesn’t require assembly. Another thing we’d like to say about these chairs is that they come in a variety of colors that include beige, burgundy, black, gray, brown, navy blue, and light blue. All of these features make these chairs suitable for people who are looking to add seating to their outdoor areas and do it on a budget.


  • These chairs are inexpensive.
  • They come in some vibrant colors.

  • Not as durable as they could’ve been.

Best Padded Chair: OT QOMOTOP Zero-Gravity Patio Chair

If someone is looking for a zero-gravity chair for their outdoor spaces and one that’s extremely comfortable, then they might want to take a look at this one. It’s designed with extra padding so everyone who sits in it can enjoy an extra layer of comfort. This chair is capable of supporting a person up to 6’2″ tall and 350-pounds. It also has an adjustable back angle that goes from zero degrees up to 170-degrees, and it locks into the recliner position that the person wants it in. This chair is made using materials that won’t rust or fade and has open dimensions of 30.7×34.6×45.3-inches.

As great as this chair is, however, it does have one thing that we didn’t like. The tray that comes with it is hard to lock into position, and we can see how someone could break if too much force is placed on it. It’s this flaw that prevents this chair from moving up higher on our list despite its extra padding and reasonable price tag.


  • This product is reasonably priced.
  • It has a lot of extra padding.

  • The tray is flimsy and hard to lock into place.

Best Value: Furmax Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

One of the best values that we’ve seen when it comes to zero-gravity outdoor chairs is this deal from Furmax. For the same price that other manufacturers offer one chair, this company offers two chairs. The chairs provide the same zero-gravity experience that other chairs produce, and they can recline up to 170-degrees. They’re made using a steel tube frame that adds durability to them and each one is capable of supporting up to 300 pounds of weight. With all of these features, we can see how many of our readers might be wondering why they’re not higher up on our list and the answer to that question is simple. These chairs lack the padding to make them truly comfortable.

Yes, we felt that if these chairs would’ve had some basic level of padding, then they would’ve been higher up on our list. They’re just not as comfortable as zero gravity chairs should be—at least, in our opinion. We think that these are well made and durable chairs that can be had for a song, but we wish the manufacturers would’ve thought about the comfort level of the person seated in it a little bit more.


  • They seem to be durable.
  • They’re a great value.

  • These chairs could really use a little padding.

A Guide To Outdoor Zero-Gravity Chairs

Since zero-gravity outdoor chairs are still relatively new, at least as compared to other types of chairs, there’s not a lot of information on them. And in the instances where there does appear to be information on them, that information tends to be wrong. All of these are reasons why we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves and inform our readers of these types of chairs. Chairs that we feel people will appreciate once they know what they can do for them and for guests to their home. 

The Benefits Of Using Outdoor Zero-Gravity Chairs

One of the first things that we’d like to cover in regards to these chairs is that there are some distinctive benefits to using these chairs. Sure, the main purpose of these chairs is for them to be comfortable, but we think that the following benefits also help to illustrate that sometimes comfort and health go hand in hand. 

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Help Improve Posture
  • Reduce Stress& Tension
  • Improve Blood Flow

Buying The Best  Zero-Gravity Outdoor Chairs

This next section includes some of the information that our readers might want to consider before they purchase their next zero-gravity chair. Let’s go through each of these points, point by point, so you can find the chairs that will not only keep you comfortable but will serve you for several years. 


One of the first things a person is going to want to consider when purchasing a new patio or pool gravity chair is how the chair is constructed. It should be made of high-quality materials that include steel frames and high-quality nylon or polyester fabric that’s not going to rip or tear while it’s being used. 

Not all metal frames are equal, however. Although regular metal is fine for indoor use, chairs that are going to be left out in the elements need their metal frame to be powder coated to prevent them from rusting. A powder-coated metal frame is usually a good sign that the chair is a high-quality product. 

Reclining Positions

Unfortunately, there are a few chairs that are supposed to be zero-gravity chairs but really aren’t. True gravity chairs will go back in several different positions, while “fake” models will only go back one or two positions. Some of the better quality models usually recline between 0-degrees and 170-degrees.

Real gravity chairs are also usually built with a quality locking mechanism that consists of a double-lock system. Inferior chairs often only use single-lock mechanisms that tend to break over time.

Headrest Or Pillow

Another thing to think about is whether the chair comes with a headrest or pillow. Although the consumer can always buy a separate pillow for going with their chair, the ones that have built-in pillows seem to work the best. With a built-in pillow, the person doing the sitting doesn’t have to worry about adjusting the pillow to keep it under their head. 

One of the newest innovations to hit these types of chairs over the last few years is the sliding pillow system that is used by some manufacturers. With these systems, the pillow can be used as a headrest or can be slid down on a track to be used for lumbar support. 

Weight Capacity

How much the chair can hold is also an important consideration, especially for consumers who might be a little heavier than average. Although most zero-gravity outdoor chairs will hold 200-250 pounds quite easily, some people might need a chair that holds up to 350-pounds of weight. No matter what you’re weight, just be sure that the chair’s weight capacity exceeds your actual weight to ensure that it’s not going to end up getting broken. 

The Chair’s Price

Of course, the price can never be overlooked when buying anything these days. Most of the high-end chairs in this category are usually between $115 to $150, but there are some notable exceptions. On the flip side, there are also some budget models that are between $50 to $100, but consumers should keep in mind that these models might not be as durable or dependable as high-end models. After all, you get what you pay for. 

Other Features To Consider

The above features are the basics of what consumers should look for when purchasing a new zero-gravity chair for outdoor use, but some consumers might want their chair to have a few more bells and whistles. It’s for these consumers that we’ve decided to list some of the other features that might be found on some chair models. Although not every consumer is going to need all (or maybe any) of these features, they are something to think about before the consumer commits to purchasing their next chair.

  • Head Canopy
  • Cup Holder
  • Swing-Out Tray
  • Extra Padding

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