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Best Rocks For Inside Fire Pit in 2022 – Reviewed

No fire pit would be complete without rocks. Rocks not only add a bit of color, but they can also help to protect sensitive parts of the pit such as the burner on propane fire pits. However, it’s not just important to have rocks in your fire pit, but it’s also important to have the right rocks. If you attempt to use landscape rocks or river rocks, then the rocks can degrade or sometimes even explode! That’s why you should only purchase the best rocks for the inside of a fire pit, and we’re here to show you some of the models that we think are great.

Quick Summary of Best Rocks For Inside Fire Pit

 Editor’s Choice 
Celestial 1/2-inch High Luster Fire Glass  (review)
 Also Recommended 
Li Decor 10-Pound Fire Glass 1-Inch Diamonds  (review)
 Also Consider 
Only Fire Reflective High-Luster Fire Glass  (review)
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Editor’s Choice: Celestial 1/2-inch High Luster Fire Glass

When people head out to purchase new rocks for the inside of their fire pit, they often make the mistake that all fire pit rocks are the same. And we’re here to say that simply isn’t true. There are very high-quality rocks that look good in the fire pit and will hold up to years of service, and then there are rocks that aren’t worth very much and will have to be replaced before you know it. Fortunately, these Celestial Fire Glass rocks fall into the former category rather than the latter. In other words, they are very high-quality fire rocks that should adorn many, many fires.

What makes these fire glass rocks so spectacular? Well, we believe it’s the way they’re made that makes them great. Most fire rocks are tumbled to smooth them out and give them an even appearance—a process that can reduce the luster of the rocks. These, on the other hand, aren’t tumbled. This gives them the appearance that’s closer to broken glass than to fire rock, but it also means that they have a high luster and really sparkle in the fire. In fact, some people have even commented that this fire glass is mesmerizing in its appearance. We wouldn’t go that far, but we did find it to be very beautiful.

This fire glass is designed for outdoor fire pits and fireplaces. As could be expected, it’s heat-resistant and comes in a reusable jar that holds 10-pounds of the material. This was another thing that we liked about this product because bags tend to split sometimes while they’re being poured, but we didn’t have that problem with these jars. It’s also worth saying that these rocks won’t fade or discolor over time as can happen with lower-quality fire glass. All of these things come together to create some fantastic fire glass that’s worth adding to any fire pit.


  • They are very high-quality fire rocks.
  • They have a nice luster to them.
  • They won’t fade over time.

  • None.

Also Recommended: Li Decor 10-Pound Fire Glass 1-Inch Diamonds

Another set of fire pit rocks that we were impressed by were these rocks from Li Decor. These rocks are 1-inch rocks that have been tumbled smooth and a random shape. They’re like little diamonds for a gas fireplace or a fire pit, and they add they come in a variety of different colors, too. Some of the colors that the consumer can expect to find these fire rocks include Cobalt Blue, Light Blue, Jade Green, French Gray, Crystal Clear, and Champagne Pink. That allows the consumer to change the mood of their fire just by changing out the rock color, which is probably why some people buy several sets of these rocks in different colors.

The thing that we liked the most about these fire rocks, however, is that they’re made from recycled glass so they’re better for the environment. This presumably is the reason why they have a lower price point than some of the other fire rocks we’ve reviewed. These rocks are safe to use for a variety of different projects and not just fire pits. They can be successfully used for natural gas stoves, fireplaces, landscaping, walkways, to line a water feature in a pond, or can even be used as vase fillers. They’re also supposed to be able to be used in aquariums, but we haven’t tested out the efficacy of using them in that way, so consumers should proceed with caution if they’re using it around live fish.

If there was one thing that we didn’t like too much, it was that we felt that the color of these rocks was a bit too light. Of course, that’s just a matter of personal preference and we’re sure that many people would enjoy them for their light ethereal color. Regardless, we felt that these were high-quality fire rocks that will do a great service to just about any gas or propane fire pit they’re used in.


  • This product is reasonably priced.
  • These are smooth, tumbled 1-inch rocks.
  • They come in an assortment of colors.

  • Not as dark as it could be for our tastes.

Also Consider: Only Fire Reflective High-Luster Fire Glass

The last product that we want to recommend aren’t rocks but are instead pieces of fire glass. These are broken shards of glass that come in an assortment of colors and add a bit of interest to fire pits. These 1/2-inch shards can be difficult to spread thanks to their super sharpness, but once they’re in place, they create an effect that’s beautiful and relaxing. These shards come in colors that include Copper, Cobalt Blue, Pacific Blue, Bronze, Platinum, Onyx, and Light Green. Let’s take a closer look at these shards of fire glass and see why they’re on our list.

The thing about fire glass is that it’s known to be highly reflective—having almost a mirror-like quality that looks great when it’s paired with a fire. However, as we said, the fact that it’s unpolished makes it difficult to use this product for anything other than fire pits. And it should also be said that the consumer is going to have to use thick gardening gloves or some sort of spade to work with this glass to avoid cutting themselves. However, if the consumer does take the necessary precautions, these shards of fire glass are the perfect replacement for old fire logs or lava rocks.

This fire glass is sold in 10-pound bundles that are inspected before they leave the factory. They’re tempered using a special process that gives them a jewel-like quality that is extremely impressive and will have people looking twice at the fire pit or fireplace. It not only sparkles when there’s a fire but will also sparkle thanks to the rays of the sun. And all of this makes this a high-quality product suitable for outdoor use in fire pits or indoor use in fireplaces. It’s a product well worth checking out by anyone looking for a high-quality product.


  • They’re very beautiful.
  • They come in a variety of different colors.
  • They’re an inexpensive option.

  • They are extremely sharp.

A Guide To Buying Rocks For Inside A Fire Pit

Fire rocks come in a variety of different styles and sizes, so the consumer needs to think about what type and size best fit their needs. Although many people might look at these products and think that they’re all the same, they’re actually very different products from one another. That’s why we’ve decided that writing a buying guide on the subject would be in order. Below are some of the things that our readers are going to want to consider when purchasing the best rocks for the inside of your fire pit. 

Step One: Choose The Fire Rock Style

The first step in the process of buying fire rocks is deciding on one of the six different styles. It’s been our experience that these rocks are available in Fire Glass, Crushed Fire Glass, Fire Diamonds, Fire Beads, Fire Cubes, or Fire Dots. Now that everyone reading this knows the different types of fire rocks, let’s take a closer look at each one of them to achieve the best results. 

Fire Glass

This product is made of small pieces of flat glass that is one of the most used types of fire glass. Most of these are less sharp than crushed fire glass, but some pieces might still be sharp, so it should be used cautiously. 

Crushed Fire Glass

Crushed fire glass is another fine option that consumers might want to think about. This product is very reflective and creates a great shimmering effect, but it does tend to be a bit sharp, so consumers will probably have to use tools and/or thick gloves to spread this product out. 

Fire Diamonds

Fire rock diamonds don’t shimmer as much as fire glass does, but the shape of the product helps the flame become a bit fuller. Like fire glass, however, they do come in a wide assortment of colors and are a good option for propane or gas fire pits. 

Fire Beads

Sometimes called fire cashews, these types of fire rocks are rounded and have a 3-D texture that actually helps the fire pit’s flames to rise a little bit higher. These beads are great for anyone trying to get the full flame effect out of their fire pit. 

Fire Cubes

As their name suggests, these rocks are designed like small ice cubes. They have a very orderly style to them and fit together nicely to create a modern, organized look. That makes them great for fire pits and/or fireplaces. 

Fire Dots

These rocks are small and fit together very well, so they have a way of subduing a flame instead of enhancing it. That makes these rocks for creating that subtle, romantic fire glow that some people are looking for out of their fire pit. 

Step Two: Choose A Fire Rock Size

The next step to choosing great fire rocks for your fire pit or fireplace is to choose the size of the rocks. These rocks come in sizes as small as 1/4-inch all the way up to 1-inch. As a general rule, 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch fire rocks are good for smaller more intimate flames, while 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, or 1-inch rocks or for a larger flame effect. 

Step Three: Choose The Reflectivity Of The Rocks

Another thing that the consumer is going to want to think about is the reflectivity of the fire rocks. These rocks are usually available in non-reflective, semi-reflective, and reflective styles. Let’s examine each of these styles briefly to get a better understanding of what manufacturers mean when they state the reflectivity of the rocks. 


These fire rocks are in their natural state before being tumbled. Since they’re not tumbled, they don’t shine as much as other rocks and they retain their true color since they don’t reflect the light. 


These fire rocks reflect some of the light, so they slightly shimmer, but they still hold on to most of their color. This provides a great contrast of light and dark areas that really make a fire pit stand out.


Reflective fire rocks are highly polished, so they create somewhat of a mirror effect. They will mirror the light of the fire pit and thereby making it appear larger. 

Step Four: Other Things To Consider

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of buying the fire rocks for the inside of your fire pit or fireplace, it’s now time to think about some of the other things that you might want to consider. Below are a few more things that are important to think about before buying your next set of fire rocks. 

  • The Price Of The Fire Rocks
  • The Size Of The Bundle
  • How The Fire Rocks Are Bundled

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