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Best Above Ground Pool Pumps in 2022 – Reviewed

The pumps for above ground pools are different than the ones for in-ground pools, so the consumer needs to choose wisely when they’re searching for one for their particular pool setup. We understand that the pumps required for above ground pools have to meet certain criteria to work properly, so we set our sights on finding the best above-ground pool pumps available. And we think that we found some of the models that will help to keep our reader’s above ground pools crystal clear and clean. So, with that stated, let’s take a look at three pumps that we found.

Quick Summary of Best Above Ground Pool Pumps

 Editor’s Choice 
Hayward W3SP1580X15 1.5-HP Power Flo Pool Pump  (review)
 Also Recommended 
Harris H1572730 ProForce 1.5 HP Above Ground Pool Pump  (review)
 Also Consider 
Blue Wave NE6171B Pump for Above Ground Pools  (review)
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Editor’s Choice: Hayward W3SP1580X15 1.5-HP Power Flo Pool Pump

This pump from Hayward is called the PowerFlo LX, and it’s designed to be a high-performance pump, and we must say, we certainly found that to be the case. This model features a motor that’s nothing short of a heavy-duty motor, and it not only operates reliably, but it’s also very quiet while it does so. And because this motor is heat-resistant and has a double-size seal, this motor is designed to last a long time. In other words, once the consumer has bought this above ground pool pump, then they won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.Because this model is made of corrosion-proof materials, this pump is also one that can be used in any operating condition. It doesn’t matter if the weather is hot or cold, this pump will reliably do its job. The only problem that we found with this pump is that sometimes the basket cover can be difficult to remove. Although this doesn’t happen often, it can be a pain to clean out the pump if the lid sticks, so that’s something that pool owners should think about when they’re purchasing this product.

One of the things that inspire our confidence in this pump, however, is that it’s made by Hayward. Hayward is a company that’s been making pool equipment for over 8-decades now and they stand behind all of their products. Often the confidence in a company is what truly makes a product exceptional, and that’s certainly the case with this pump. Although this pump might not be the right one for every single above ground pool owner, we think most people are going to appreciate this workhorse of a pump.


  • This is a durable and well-made pool pump.
  • It pumps water very efficiently.

  • Basket cleaning lid can be difficult to remove for cleaning.

Also Recommended: Harris H1572730 ProForce 1.5 HP Above Ground Pool Pump

Another company that’s been making quality pool products for some time is Harris and this above ground pool pump is just one example of the quality they put into every one of their products. This made is made with heavy-duty construction and features corrosion-resistant parts such as a stainless steel motor shaft. It’s also built with a reinforced thermoplastic body that holds up to the weather better than the bodies of some lesser-quality pumps made by other companies. And all of this is done without the pump being prohibitively expensive.This pump meets all ETL and CSA requirements and features a durable 3-prong plug on a 3-foot long cord. This 1.5-HP pump is approximately 21-inches long by 11-inches high and has a width of 9-inches. It’s a pump that’s also made with advanced engineering that should allow it to last for quite some time. If there was one flaw that we found with this pump, it was simply the fact that when it was initially started up, it seemed a bit noisier than other pumps. This noise eventually abated, but it is certainly something worth mentioning to anyone considering this pump.

All things considered, we feel that this pump is one that’s worth buying. It’s a product that’s well-built, runs well, and is built to last. It’s also a pump that won’t cost the pool owner and arm and a leg, which is important in these tough economic times. We certainly think that it’s a pump that will work well with most above-ground swimming pools. If the pool owner does their homework and makes sure that this pump will fit their system without requiring the purchase of an additional adapter, then they should have no problems installing it.


  • This is a quality pump that works well.
  • It’s reasonably priced.

  • The initial startup is a bit noisy.

Also Consider: Blue Wave NE6171B Pump for Above Ground Pools

Even though this pool pump is designed as a replacement pump for Blue Wave pools, we think that it’s a pump that any above ground pool owner can use and appreciate. For consumers who don’t have Blue Wave pools, however, they should be aware that if they plan on using it, then they will have to buy additional adapters for Intex or Hayward pools. That’s not a big issue, but it is something that consumers should consider, so when they buy this pump, they can make sure they can hook it up as soon as possible.With that being said, let’s talk about some of the features that this product offers to the consumer—starting with its construction. This pump is a self-priming pump that’s made with a polymer construction that allows it to resist construction. It’s also made with a dual-port design that allows it to be installed with either a horizontal or vertical discharge, and it’s a pump that’s designed to fit on most filter systems. This pump also comes with a 6-foot power cord and has inlet and outlet discharges that fit 1.5-inch hoses.

We also like that the clear lid allows the consumer to see when the pump needs to be cleaned, and the lid is easy to remove. It also should be mentioned that this pump is very quiet and yet it’s still capable of pumping water extremely efficiently. We feel that this pump is most certainly close to the same quality, if not equal to the quality, of most of the major pumps available nowadays. It’s certainly equal in quality to brands such as Pentair, Harris, and Hayward.


  • This is a quality and quite affordable pool pump.

  • The consumer might have to purchase adaptors for non-Blue Wave pools.

Above Ground Pool Pump Guide

Although you need to clean your pool with a net and chemicals and vacuum it at least once a week, the easiest part of keeping a pool clean is with a quality pool pump. When it comes to above ground pool pumps, they can be more expensive than the in-ground versions which are why you must get this purchase right.

Because they differ greatly, we have created the following buyers guide to help you make a sensible purchase first time.

What To Look For In An Above Ground Pool Pump

Quiet Operation

Although other features might be more important, this could be the one you notice the most if you don’t get it right. Look for a brand that says it has whisper-quiet operation or you will be listening to the whirr of its operating instead of relaxing in the sun.

Ease Of Use

When an above ground pool pump is difficult to use, you can end up wasting money on the wrong settings or having it run longer than it needs to.

You also want to be able to remove the filter easily so maintenance is simple. Some brands have swing way knobs that ensure you don’t need any tools when it comes to emptying and cleaning.

Clear Filter Cover

This is another feature that can make your life easier. When it comes to cleaning the filter, you might only need to remove it when it is necessary. If you get a clear filter cover you can view the basket and its build-up so you know it is time to rinse it off.

Sand Filter

This isn’t essential but it can make a dirty pool clean in no time. A sand filter is a good option when you are using your pool frequently and it is another way to keep the water clean and hygienic.

Housing Mount

The choice is between side and top mount above ground pool pump. A lot will depend on the pool and filter. A top mount is generally best for a sand filter whilst a cartridge filter will require a side mount.

Because they differ greatly from in-ground pools, make sure you can find the pool pump to fit your needs.


A built-in timer is important if you want to save money on your energy bills. It also means you can spread out the recommended pump time throughout the day so algae do not settle and the eater is always as clear as possible.


The power that you above ground pool pump can omit will determine how well it can clean the pool. Get this right, and it will have enough power to keep the water hygienic, otherwise, it might struggle to clean and you will waste money on having it constantly run.

Above all, the above ground pool pump needs to be the right fit for the size of your pool.


No above ground pool pump is completely immune to faults and although you can get many years of hassle-free use out of it, you never know when things might stop working for no reason.

This is why it is a sensible idea to purchase a product that comes with at least a year or twos warranty. Some brands will not honor the warranty if the pool pump has not been installed by a professional so keep an eye out for this.

Different Types of Above Ground Pool Pumps

There aren’t too many to choose from but the following are the most common.

Single Speed

As the name suggests you don’t get to change the speed of these. They are the most affordable but least efficient so you do not save money in the long run. They often have to be on for longer which explains the excessive cost of running. This also impacts how environmentally friendly they are.

Dual Speed

These give you a bit more room to change things up and you can choose between high and low settings. The high setting is good when your pool needs a more throughout clean through and low is good for ongoing use.

The low speed is more energy-efficient and these types of pool pumps should still come with timers and other features.

Variable Speed

Often considered the optimal above ground pool pump, they are usually more expensive, especially for the energy-efficient types. Typically, there are better on the bills anyway bit some even more so.

Being able to switch between various speeds means you are in control, giving your pool the best chance of staying clean all the time whilst reducing the dent in your bills.

It also means you can tailor the flow rate to the needs of your pool, something that other products are not able to offer.

How Long Should I Run A Pool Pump?

The consensus is that an above ground pool pump should run for around 8 hours a day. This should be set to spread out over different types so the water is always as fresh and clean as possible.

Is An Above Ground Pool Pump Worth It?

Any pool of water that you get in needs to be kept clean, and even when you aren’t using the pool in the colder months, unless you disassemble the pool, you need to keep it hygienic.

Even touching the water with built-up algae can lead to illness so to protect your family, always keep the water clean.

A quality above ground pool pump will be easy to use and can be energy efficient depending gon which type you buy.

Is It Ok To Run A Pool Pump 24 Hours A Day?

This is not advisable, nit only because it is wasted energy which will rack up the bills, but it is unnecessary. a pool pump only needs to be on for around 8 hours a day to keep the water clean and hygienic. Any more than this and you either have the wrong pool pump from your needs that is struggling to keep up with the use of the pool, or you are spending money when you don’t need to.

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