Best Smoker Pellets in 2022 – Reviewed

Once a person has purchased a great smoker for their yard, it’s only natural that they will want to purchase the best smoker pellets to go into that smoker. Pellets that will transform ordinary meat into something so delicious and so succulent that people will keep coming back again for more. Since we know how important choosing the right smoker pellets is, we’ve decided to round up the smoker pellets that we feel are heads and shoulder above many of the other pellets being sold nowadays. And let us tell you that although we’ve put the following pellets into a list, we feel that consumers can be happy with any of them that they choose.

Quick Summary of Best Smoker Pellets

 Best Overall 
Traeger 100% All-Natural Hardwood Grill Pellets  (review)
 Best Bourbon Pellets 
Ol’ Hick Genuine Jim Beam Bourbon Barrel Pellets  (review)
 Best Cherry Pellet Blend 
Louisiana Grills Pennsylvania Cherry  (review)
 Best Pellet Variety Pack 
Lumber Jack BBQ Pellet Variety Packs  (review)
 Best Apple Pellets 
Camerons Apple Smoking Wood Pellets  (review)
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Best Overall: Traeger 100% All-Natural Hardwood Grill Pellets

When it comes to smoking, grilling, and barbecuing meats, we know that smoke masters have very particular tastes. We know that they want to smoke pellets that are made from high-quality wood sourced from sustainable sources and milled right in the United States. We also know that they want a product that will imbue their meat with a smoke flavoring that will truly stand out. And it’s for all of these reasons that we recommend these 100% hardwood pellets from Traeger. They’re made from a combination of hickory, maple and cherry that produce a unique smoke that will make the user’s BBQ stand out from the crowd.

These pellets are made from high-quality hickory that is free of unnatural additives. This is 100% pure virgin hardwoods that are sourced from green hardwood, kiln-dried, and are then turned into pellets using a process that many have considered to be the gold standard of smoker pellet production. This creates a product that burns evenly and is always consistent. These pellets are then placed in 20-pound bags that are ready to burn. 20 pounds of these pellets will produce up to 40-hours of smoking, 20-hours of cooking at low temperatures, or 10-hours of cooking at high temperatures.


  • Produces a great hickory smoke.
  • It burns consistently.
  • Comes in convenient 20-pounds bags.

  • None.

Best Bourbon Pellets: Ol’ Hick Genuine Jim Beam Bourbon Barrel Pellets

Anyone who has been searching for smoker pellets that are sourced from the same types of wood and are manufactured using the same process as other wood pellets is probably going to want to skip over this product. That’s because these pellets aren’t made using the same ‘ole wood as other pellets, nor is it made in the same way. It’s made using real Jim Beam bourbon barrels, so the consumer gets a bourbon-infused smoke that’s different from any other smoke produced by any other type of pellet manufacturer. These cut-up bourbon barrels are made from 100% all-natural oak and contain no artificial flavors that would interfere with the unique flavor of Jim Beam bourbon.

These natural oak pellets are bagged into 20-pound bags that are easy to store and even easier to handle. These pellets are good for adding a bit of bourbon flavor to just about any kind of meat including beef, chicken, or pork. They’re even good for smoking seafood, or a Thanksgiving turkey. Regardless of whether the consumer uses these pellets for smoking, grilling, barbecuing, roasting, or baking, these pellets are ready for the job at hand. Unlike other pellets, the smoke flavor produced by these pellets are slight, so they won’t overpower the natural flavor of the meat being smoked. Overall, it was a product that we enjoyed.


  • These smoker pellets produce a unique smoke.
  • They burn consistently and easily.
  • They are bagged in 20-pound bags.

  • None.

Best Cherry Pellet Blend: Louisiana Grills Pennsylvania Cherry

This cherry/maple blend of smoker pellets comes in 40-pound bags that are easy to store and use, and they produce a cherry-flavored smoke that’s great for smoking a variety of different foods. It doesn’t matter if you’re smoking beef, chicken, pork, lamb, or fish this product is going to make that meat taste ten times better. The smoke these pellets produce has a slightly sweet and slightly tart flavor that leaves meat tasting great and leaves beautiful smoke rings on it. This is a product that’s specifically designed for pellet grills and should provide the user with all of the smoke they need for their next BBQ.

These pellets also burn slowly and consistently, although we do have to say that they seem like they produce a little more ash than some of the other pellets we’ve reviewed. Not a whole lot of ash to worry about, but enough to extend the grill cleaning process a little bit longer. Having said that, however, we still think these are smoker pellets that are going to make the consumer’s next BBQ a big hit.


  • These pellets are reasonably priced.
  • They come in convenient 40-pound bags.

  • None.

Best Pellet Variety Pack: Lumber Jack BBQ Pellet Variety Packs

Even though these smoker pellets are more expensive than just about any of the other pellets we’ve reviewed, we do believe that it provides exceptional quality and variety. These pellets are manufactured in the United States from single woods, and then they are packed in 1-pound bags that are convenient to use. In this variety pack of wood pellets are 1-pound bags of 100% applewood, cherry wood, hickory, pecan, maple, mesquite, and a bag of maple/hickory/cherry pellets. This pack allows the consumer to experiment with different types of woods to see what smoke works best for the BBQ.

This is a product that can be used in electric smokers, tray smokers, or tube smokers quite easily. They’re also a product that doesn’t need to be soaked to be used, so consumers can get right to smoking their favorite meats. And because this is a variety pack, these pellets make the perfect Father’s Day, Labor Day, or Christmas present for the smoker aficionado in your life. And of course, it’s perfect for someone who likes to try different wood types occasionally.


  • These smoker pellets come in an assortment of flavors.
  • They burn very consistently.

  • These pellets are more expensive than other types.

Best Apple Pellets: Camerons Apple Smoking Wood Pellets

Any smoke master will tell you that applewood provides meat with a special flavoring that really brings the best out of poultry, pork, veggies, seafood, or lamb. These pellets are made from wood pellets sourced from raw timber in the United States and kiln-dried for best results. Although these smoker pellets do produce a little more ash than we would’ve liked, it does burn slowly and creates a nice amount of smoke.

Another thing that we liked about these pellets is that they’re easy to ignite and don’t require presoaking to be used. They also come in quart containers that are easy to store and use. If we had any problem with them, it was that they were a little more expensive than we would’ve liked. In fact, they were more expensive than just about any of the other pellets that we’ve reviewed.


  • They burn consistently.
  • They create a nice applewood flavor.

  • They are a little more expensive than other pellets.
  • They produce quite a bit of ash.

A Guide To Smoker Pellets

In the past, when people had to grill they had to perform a variety of different tasks to get the job done. They would have to cut down the wood, cut it up into appropriate pieces, and then soak it before they could even begin the smoking process. Fortunately, modern smoker pellets have eliminated those extra steps and now allow the consumer to concentrate solely on the art of smoking. 

However, just because smoking is a lot easier than it used to be doesn’t mean that the consumer doesn’t have a few things to think about when choosing the best smoker pellets for their purposes. We’ve reviewed a lot of different pellets and have learned a lot about wood pellets, so we’ve decided to share all of this information with our readers so they can all choose the smoker pellets that are ideal for what they’re smoking and how they smoke. 

Choosing A Wood Type

The first thing that the consumer is going to want to do before purchasing pellets is what type of wood they want/need to use. Smoker pellets are made out of a variety of different wood types, and each of these woods imparts their own special flavor to the process. That’s why if a person wants to maximize their smoking, they are going to have to choose the right wood for your needs. 

Hickory Pellets

Hickory pellets are one of the more versatile hardwoods and are easy enough to use for both amateurs and professionals alike. Hickory imparts a dusky flavor to meats and is ideal for smoking pork, beef, veggies, and chicken. 

Alder Pellets

Although we didn’t review any products made from alder, we’re quite familiar with this wood. It’s a great all-around wood that’s good for just about any type of food. It’s often used for beef, chicken, pork, seafood, baked goods, and veggies. 

Apple Pellets

Applewood pellets create smoke that’s a little bit fruity and very light. It’s good for just underlining the natural flavor of foods, especially during the fall months. Applewood pellets are good for chicken, pork, vegetables, and baked goods. 

Cherry Pellets

Cherry pellets create smoke that’s light and have sweet and tart notes in it. It’s one of the favorites for pitmasters who specialize in ribs, but it’s not only a good wood for pork, but also for beef and baked goods as well. 

Oak Pellets

Oak is a wood that’s ideal for smoking fish, but it can also be used for baked goods or even beef. In our opinion, it’s a little too strong for smoking pork and chicken, however. 

Mesquite Pellets

Mesquite is a great wood for smoking meats such as beef and chicken, but its unique flavor can also add greatly to the smoking of turkey or seafood. In fact, there are few things tastier than mesquite-smoked salmon or trout. 

Maple Pellets

Maple is another wood that’s a favorite among pitmaster who specializes in smoking pork. It’s great for smoking bacon, chops, ribs, or just about any other part of the pig from the tail to the oink. However, this wood just doesn’t add a sweet flavor to pork, but it also adds a bit of flavor to beef, seafood, and baked goods as well.

Pecan Pellets

Pecan is a type of wood that’s often overlooked. It creates smoke that adds a subtle dimension to a wide variety of different foods. It’s good for smoking chicken, beef, pork, baked goods, and veggies as well. 

Other Factors To Consider When Purchasing Smoke Pellets

Okay, now that we’ve covered the different types of woods used to create smoke pellets, it’s time to impart a few more words of wisdom to our readers before we move on to something else. Below are some other things to think about before purchasing smoke pellets. 

  • Consider Where They’re Made
  • Consider Whether They’re Kiln-Dried
  • Consider Whether They’re 100% Hardwood

How To Use Smoking Pellets

Before this article is closed out, we would like to give our readers a few tips that should help them get the most out of their smoker pellets. Unlike wood chips, smoker pellets don’t have to be soaked and are pretty straightforward to use. Below are some tips that will help our readers get their smoking pellets up and running. The following tips assume that the consumer isn’t using a smoker box. 

  • Take a 12×12-inch sheet of aluminum foil and fold it in half.
  • On the short sides, fold about 1/2-inch to create an envelope.
  • Fill up the aluminum with the number of smoking pellets required.
  • Fold the open end over two times so that the pellets are sealed in the aluminum.
  • Poke some holes in the pouch and place it below the cooking rack over the heating plate.
  • Make sure the holes are facing upwards.
  • Start the grill and allow it to come to temperature.
  • When they’re producing heat, add the meat to the smoker. 
  • Smoke the appropriate amount of time. 

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