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Best Above Ground Pool Vacuums in 2022 – Reviewed

Since we all understand what a pain it can be to keep an above ground pool clean, we’d like to introduce to our readers a piece of equipment that’s going to revolutionize their life. What is this mystery piece of equipment, you ask? We’re glad you asked. This revolutionary piece of pool equipment is the underrated, and often underutilized, pool vacuum. This is a tool that will keep your above ground pool in pristine condition.

Unfortunately, far too many people either don’t utilize this tool, or they buy one that’s intended for an in-ground pool and then wonder why it damaged their vinyl pool. These tools are more affordable now than they’ve ever been, and they are a lot of great models made just for above ground pools. Models that clean pools well. And now we’d like to introduce our picks for the best above ground pool vacuums currently available.

Quick Summary of Best Above Ground Pool Vacuums

 Editor’s Choice 
Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly EZ Vacuum  (review)
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Poolmaster Air Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Vacuum  (review)
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Editor’s Choice: Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly EZ Vacuum

We understand that the price of this above ground pool vacuum is a little bit higher than some people might want to spend, but for us, it’s more than worth it. We say that because this pool is designed to high specifications, so the pool owner won’t have to replace it every few years like they do with lesser quality models. If they use this tool properly and make sure to store it properly during the offseason, then there is no reason why this vacuum won’t last them for several years. That alone makes it worth the added price.Another thing that makes this one of the best above ground pool vacuums is that it has a superior hydraulic design that increases its suction capacity. Unlike some of the other pool vacuums we’ve reviewed over the years, this one sucks up a lot of debris. Once it’s set up and placed into the pool, it also moves automatically to clean up all of the debris that has accumulated on the pool’s floor, as long as there aren’t major wrinkles that could impede its movement. And once they put it into the pool, it will maintain a truly random pattern that will hit every part of the floor. After the pool’s floor, it can then be used manually by the pool owner to clean the pool’s walls.

We also should mention that the design of this vacuum makes it the easiest to maintain. It doesn’t have a complicated mechanism at all. It only has one moving part and that’s the flapper. That means that the user doesn’t have to worry about replacing gears, pulley, or wheels to keep this vacuum running. Its skimming valve regulates water flow automatically to ensure proper cleaning speed. Now that we’ve had the chance to review this great tool and understand how it all works together to provide the user with a truly exceptional pool vacuuming tool, we’ve decided to go ahead and crown this tool one of the best above ground pool vacuums we’ve ever used.


  • Provides the highest level of pool vacuuming available.
  • It’s easy to set up and use.

  • It costs more than lesser quality vacuums.

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As we begin our review, let’s get a few things straight first. First of all, this pool vacuum isn’t the most advanced model on the planet, but it is an easy-to-use model, and to be quite frank here, it’s also very inexpensive. That’s why we think that some of our readers are going to love this pool vacuum. It might not have the same amount of suction as out number one model, but it does do a good job. Of course, because it’s a budget model it might also not last as long as some of the high-end models—after all, it’s 1/10th of the price of many of the big-name advanced models.What does this pool vacuum offer? Well, for the price it does offer the pool owner quite a bit. It’s capable of loosening dirt and debris from the pool because it’s equipped with perimeter brushes that do a good job of loosening gunk. It also has a self-adjusting air relief that moves the valves up and down to relieve suction pressure on vinyl liners. This ensures that it runs smoothly and provides the user with an effective amount of vacuuming power. And because this model fits most standard pool hoses, just about any pool owner can take advantage of this budget above ground pool vacuum.

We should also mention that this product is also easy to submerge. This is due to having a weighted vacuum body and tension-spring handle that provides the resistance that the vacuum needs to remain submerged on the pool’s floor. Unfortunately, this is where the major flaw of this vacuum becomes apparent. It takes a bit of pressure to get this vacuum started and the pool owner has to push it down into place before the vacuum pressure holds it firmly to the floor, and this can be difficult to do while using a telescoping pole. Other than that slight problem, however, we feel that this is a nice vacuum for many people to use for their above ground pools.


  • It does a great job of vacuuming the pool.
  • It’s an inexpensive model.

  • It can be difficult to get into a cleaning position with a telescoping pole.

Also Consider: Poolmaster Big-Sucker Leaf Pool Vacuum

Another budget above ground pool vacuum that we’d like to recommend to our readers is this one from Poolmaster. This product is a 15-inch diameter vacuum that’s made out of tough ABS plastic and it comes with a reusable all-purpose bag for picking up large debris such as leaves. This product does a good job of tackling that task, and it’s equipped with eight high-pressure water jets and four multi-directional wheels that make it an effective vacuum for sucking up large debris.On the other hand, what this product isn’t good for doing is picking up small debris. If the pool owner wants to pick up something smaller, then they’re going to have to purchase a different vacuum. However, if the pool owner just needs an inexpensive vacuum for picking up leaves, then this might be one they may want to consider. It’s easy-to-use, inexpensive, and works well enough for its job. All the pool owner has to do is supply their own garden hose and pool pole, and they can get all of those pesky leaves out of their above ground pool.


  • Does well in removing large debris such as leaves from the pool.
  • It’s an inexpensive model.

  • It doesn’t handle smaller particles well.

Above Ground Pool Vacuum Guide

A lot of people who own an above ground pool want to clean it without the assistance of a company. This is completely fine since there are some effective products to take the strain out of a bit of manual labor. One of the most important to maintaining a clean pool is an above-ground pool vacuum.

These are effective at clearing all types of debris, but only when you buy a quality product. With different types to choose from, there is a lot to learn before you buy which is why we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In An Above Ground Pool Vacuum


You are going to be pushing the thing around after all. A bulky above ground pool vacuum does not mean it is necessarily going to be more durable so you don’t need to go for the one that seems robust in this way.

Ease Of Use

This is down to the maneuvrability of the product. When you can control the above-ground vacuum with ease, the whole experience of using it is going to be more enjoyable. Not to mention, this is what will cause less strain on your body as you push it along the bottom.

If you are using a robotic product then it should be easy to change between the settings and a handheld product should glide and clean with little effort on your part.


The suction power of the above ground pool vacuum is one of the most important features you should be looking for. It needs to be able to collect debris of different shapes and sizes as well as algae and tiny particles that build up over time.

The more suction power, the better.


If using a robotic cleaner, the amount of debris the filter bag should be suitable for the size of the pool you have. You don’t want to have to empty it during a clean. Remember that you will need to clean it out as well so this needs to be as simple as possible.

Cord Length

Again, this only applies to a robotic above ground pool vacuum but it is an important factor. The length of the cord needs to be long enough to reach all corners of your pool. Make sure you are aware of the size of your pool and match the cord length accordingly before you buy it.


Not every pool vacuum is going to be suitable for an above ground pool. Some are universal and work in all types but before you click to buy, make sure it is right for the pool you have.


Although it might not always be a deal-breaker for certain purchases, it is an important part of finding the best above ground pool vacuum. Because they are operating with intricate parts there is always a risk of something not working as it should.

This is where a warranty of at least a year or two is a sensible idea.

Energy Consumption

You might think you are saving money on a cheaper above ground pool vacuum but when you check your energy bill, you realize it is not as efficient as you may have hoped.

A lot of robotic pool cleaners cost about the same as a light bulb to run. The initial cost might be higher, but they save you money over time.

Corner Cleaning

The shape of your pool is going to impact the effectiveness of the vacuum. Those with lots of corners can be hard to clean properly but usually, a company will be eager to boast of how their product gets into those tough to reach places.

Different Types of Above Ground Pool Vacuums


One of the most common types of above ground pool vacuums is a suction-side vacuum. These use the pools pump and filtration system to lift and remove debris.

They are also considered the most affordable option but do put a bit of strain on your pool.


Much like the emergency of automatic vacuum cleaners that are used in many people’s homes, you can now purchase robotic pool vacuums. They can scrub the sides of your pool as the lift and remove debris with ease.

You can also purchase climbing robotic pool vacuums that scrub the sidewalls of your pool and although they are the most expensive option, they are cheaper to run. They don’t require the pool filtration system to work but do need to be emptied manually.


Although these don’t need your filtration system, collecting debris in a bag, they do need to be hooked up to the pool pump. Still affordable, they work a bit faster than the suction types.

How Often Should I Vacuum My Pool?

Although several factors influence the need to clean your pool, as a general rule, it is a good idea to clean it at least once a week. In the summer months when you are using it more frequently, it is a good idea to clean it every couple of days.

Decaying debris and chemical buildup can stain the lining so when you notice things getting messy down there, pick up the vacuum. If you have experienced bad weather then it is also a good idea to clean it the following day as this is where it can collect more debris than usual.

How Much Does An Above Ground Pool Vacuum Cost?

You can buy a vacuum for your above ground pool for less than $200 but we don’t recommend it. The budget options are often less powerful, leaving fine debris behind that can build up.

This is why we advise looking into a product that is around $250 and over. If your budget allows, a robotic pool vacuum is a sensible option. They are energy efficient and easy to use but do cost more than the other types.

If you are considering one, start at around $600 and see if you can find one that climbs and cleans.

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