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Best Pool Toys in 2022 – Reviewed

Once a person has their pool set up and begins to swim in it, they may then begin to wonder what exactly is the next thing they should do. And for our readers who are thinking such thoughts, we’d like to recommend that they buy some of the best pool toys they can find. After all, you can only do so much swimming before other pool playtime activities begin to come to mind.

And when it comes to finding toys for their pool, pool owners aren’t without a shortage of options. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different pool toy types out there, and they cover a wide swath of different quality levels. Some toys are fantastic and others that consumers might want to skip. We know because we did our homework and found toys that we feel are the best and will make pool owners very happy.

Quick Summary of Best Pool Toys

 Best Overall 
Watermelon Ball For Kids, Teens, And Adults  (review)
 Best Diving Toy Set 
Joyin 30-Piece Diving Pool Toy Set  (review)
 Best Value 
Karber Dark 8-Piece Pool Toy Set  (review)
 Best Pool Sports Set 
Go Sports Splash Hoop 360  (review)
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Best Overall: Watermelon Ball For Kids, Teens, And Adults

The one pool toy that’s begun to attract a lot of pool owners’ attention is the Watermelon Ball. This ball allows swimmers to play a variety of games in their pool including pool football, pool volleyball, and even pool basketball. What makes this pool ball different from any other type of ball? Well, what makes it unique is that it’s neutrally buoyant. That means that it can be dribbled, passed, and kicked underwater. No other ball that we know of is capable of being used underwater in this way and that’s what makes it unique.

This is a toy that can be used by kids, teens, and adults, and its uses are only limited by the user’s imagination. The trick to this ball’s performance is that it’s not filled with air, but is instead filled with water. It even comes with a special needle adapter that hooks onto the person’s hose so they can fill it up quickly and easily once they receive it. It’s no wonder so many people are using the watermelon ball for pool parties, family get-togethers, and for playing pool sports. It’s a unique toy and one of the best ones currently available. It’s our belief that every pool owner should have at least one of these watermelon balls, if not a few of them, for their pools.


  • This ball can be dribbled and passed underwater.
  • It’s made of high-quality materials and is very durable.

  • None.

Best Diving Toy Set: Joyin 30-Piece Diving Pool Toy Set

When it comes to pool games, consumers have a lot to choose from. There are games such as torpedo, Marco polo, treasure chest, vanishing bottles, and a scavenger hunt. And many of these games involve retrieving some sort of toy from the bottom of the pool. So if the pool owner is going to want to play some of these games, then they’re going to have to buy some high-quality pool diving toys. Toys that will give them everything they need to play some of the most iconic pool diving games that a person can play. And trust us when we say that pool owners are going to want to try out some of these extremely fun games.

This 30-piece set is inexpensive and comes with everything a person needs for not only diving games but also for a variety of other pool games. The items that can be found in this set include a storage bag, four stringy octopi, five diving sticks, three fish toys, four toypedo bandits, five pirate treasures, and probably most important of all: six diving rings. This is a quality set that we enjoyed, with just one minor complaint about it. Our only complaint is that the diving rings lay flat on the bottom of the pool’s floor instead of having one end float up. That can make it difficult to pick up. It’s a minor complaint, but one that should be considered nonetheless.


  • It’s a great set of toys for pool owners.
  • It’s an affordable pool toy set.

  • The rings can be difficult to retrieve from the pool’s bottom.

Best Value: Karber Dark 8-Piece Pool Toy Set

Another pool toy set that caught our attention and captivated our imaginations was this 8-piece set of squirting ocean toys with a fishing rod and net. It’s a set that includes 3 squirt toys, two strain scoop toys that look like dolphins (or maybe fish, we’re not sure), a rod, a net, and a bag that can be used to organize it all. This makes this a great set for children 18-months of age or older, but we have to admit that this toy isn’t just for children. We found ourselves quite taken by it and can easily see the adults playing with this toy set as much as children do.

We found this to be a captivating set, but we do have a small complaint. The fishing reel doesn’t work like a real fishing reel does, meaning it can’t be used to draw in the “line.” For most people, this isn’t going to be much of a problem at all because no one expects a toy set to operate like real fishing tools, but it’s worth mentioning. Of course, this small complaint that we had about this product is overshadowed by all of the fun that can be had with this set, especially with the net and the marine life toys. It’s just a lot of fun scooping them up.


  • This is an extremely affordable pool toy set.
  • It will provide hours of entertainment for children.

  • The “fishing pole” doesn’t actually reel in the toys.

Best Pool Sports Set: Go Sports Splash Hoop 360

A pool toy set that we liked was this one from Go Sports. Although it’s not the best overall pool toy, it is one of the best toys for pool sports. This product comes with a splash hoop that can be dunked on anywhere around it, two water basketballs, and a ball pump. The addition of all of this stuff makes this set a little more expensive than some of the other pool toys, but we do feel that it’s a great value nonetheless. The number of games that can be played with this set is almost limitless.

Another thing that we liked about this set was that it was easy to put together and could be put together in a matter of a few minutes. It is also assembled without the consumer having to use tools. That means that the average person can have this pool hoop set up in only a matter of minutes after they’ve received it. And because this pool basketball set doesn’t have to be mounted, it’s easy to put away at the end of the season or when the pool is needed for other activities. Keeping all of this in mind, we do have to say that this is a set that we’d recommend.


  • Assembles quickly and without tools.
  • Can be used to play a variety of pool sports.

  • It costs more than some of the other toys we’ve reviewed.

Pool Toys Guide

One of the best things about owning a pool is the number of pool toys you can buy. There are the usual suspects such as a basketball hoop and floats but with so many companies creating some fun options, there are plenty of different products the whole family can enjoy.

Some are better than others and when it comes to quality, you need to know what the better products do that makes them worth buying. Otherwise, you will end up with a pool toy that doesn’t last the summer.

To help clear a few things up, we have created the following pool toys guide.

What To Look For In Pool Toys


For the longevity of the toys, look to the materials. A lot of products socially the inflatable kind are made from PVC or vinyl. This is usually the sign of a decent product.

No matter what they are made of, ensure they are non-toxic so they are safe for the whole family to enjoy. Most of the time you will see that a product is made with no BPAs or phtalates among other nasties which is a good indicator.


Is your pool on the smaller side or better suited to smaller pool toys? If so, try not to buy anything that will take over space. This can compromise the safety of those using the toys, especially if you can’t see a child.

Age Rating

This links to what is safe for the kids to use, but also how much enjoyment they can get out of it. If a pool toy is difficult to use, too heavy, or just not age-appropriate, your children might not get a lot of use out of it.


Is this a pool toy that is a game that all the family can enjoy like volleyball or something to keep one child occupied as they kick and splash?

There are a variety of different pool toys to choose from and one of your considerations is who it needs to please.


The bigger, more sturdily built products are going to cost more but this isn’t always where you can find the best value. When you find something that is the right age for the children in your home, they are going to get more use out of it.


Although you want to be able to use the pool toy in your backyard, is it suitable for the beach? If so, you are increasing the number of places you can use it an can save money on buying pool toys and beach toys.

Soe products are more versatile anyway, allowing you to play more games than others.

Sinking Vs Non Sinking

Some pool toys are made heavier so they sink to the bottom. This means they can be enjoyed in more ways than one and gives you another type of activity.

If you would rather young oned were not tempted to div to the bottom of the pool, make sure the pieces of the pool toy you are considering can float.

How To Store Pool Toys

If you have kept the box the pool toy came in then good for you. Before putting them away until next summer, give them a good rinse then be sure to dry them properly before putting them back into the box.

Because a damp pool toy will result in mold forming, this is important if you don’t want to have to throw it away later. Keep it in a dry, dark place so it is ready for action again next summer.

How To Clean Pool Toys

Although a rinse before putting it away is a good idea, when you take it back out the box, it is a good idea to give it a proper clean before you let your child play with it again.

Scrubbing vinegar and water over the toy is a good way of removing dirt before rinsing and allowing it to dry. Alternatively, you can use a diluted bleach formula but this is going to be harsher.

Why Buy Pool Toys?

Depending on the age of your child, a pool toy can be educational. With vibrant colors and challenging games, some are great for learning new skills.

Otherwise, pool toys are a great way of getting all the family to enjoy time together. They can extend the amount of time you spend in the pool which is good if it often goes long periods without being used.

How Much Do Pool Toys Cost?

This depends on the type of product.

There are small games and inflatable toys that cost under $10, making an excellent, budget-friendly option for a lot of people. The larger, more durable products can cost well over$100 but again, a lot will depend on what you are looking for.

What Is The Easiest Way To Deflate A Pool Toy?

The tried and tested method of pinching the valve and trying to apply pressure to the inflatable works, but it can be tricky. To make it easier, some people use a clip to pinch the value. This frees up your hands to squeeze the air out of the pool toy faster.

Are Pool Toys Safe?

As long as you buy a product that is non-toxic, age-appropriate, and fine for the size of your pool, they should be safe. It is never ok to leave a child unattended around water, and no pool toy should act as a safety device to keep them afloat without you in attendance.

Pool toys are usually safe, just be sure to take them out of the water when you have finished using them for the day. Pool toys left in the pool can attract a curious child and cause them to try and reach into the water.

Is It Ok To Leave Pool Toys In The Pool?

We don’t recommend that you leave pool toys in the pool for longer than you are using them. Not only does the water and sunlight cause the materials to fade and break down but it is not safe to leave them where young children might try to get them.

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