• Best Swimming Goggles in 2022 – Reviewed

    It doesn’t matter if you’re splashing around in your pool, or you’re swimming laps in anticipation of a swim meet, you are probably going to want to own at least one pair of swim goggles. A good pair of goggles not only allows the swimmer to see underwater, but it…

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  • Best Pool Vacuums in 2022 – Reviewed

    With everything from a traditional pool vacuum that requires a little graft to modern robot cleaners, there is are various ways to keep the water as clear from debris as possible. Those tiny deposits that build upon the bottom can be difficult to lift without a quality pool vacuum and…

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  • Best Hot Tubs in 2022 – Reviewed

    Everyone dreams of those blissful backyard moments in their hot tub and whilst this used to be something that was saved for those who could afford an extravagant luxury, they are more affordable than ever. Because of this, they are a common sight which is why everyone seems to have…

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  • Best Above Ground Pools in 2022 – Reviewed

    From the inflatable types to those a little more sturdy, there are plenty of above ground pools to choose from when you need a cool down. A great option for the summer months, they cost a fraction of the price of an in-ground pool and offer the same amount of…

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